Kill The Boredom Now ! Here’s How You Can Make Use of ‘Idle Time’

Here are some of the noteworthy things you can try to make good use of your time

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July 25, 2017: Boredom is the killer of creativity. This is the golden era where one can do myriad of things and the art lies in the ability to utilize the time constructively.

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Here is a list of noteworthy things to do when bored so that you can make good use of your time. So next time whenever you feel bored you know where to come.

  • Are you bored of the television? Well, you don’t have to. Try using it rationally. Switch to channels that are informative and which adds value to your life. (Discovery, English series, documentaries).
  • Listen to music. Music is a good source of relaxation and keeps your vibes intact. Having a wide range of music genre collection is really exciting and assuaging. (Trance music, metallic, acoustic, classical)
  • Exercise!! It is a great way to tap your time. It will keep you engaged in some physical activity and also keep you in good shape. Regular exercises will keep you salubrious.

  • Meditate!!! A lot of people are engaged in mediation, which takes long hours having stricken the rhythm with your body and soul. Mediation keeps your mind and body in good spirits as you create a white space, the positive aura around you.
  • Read, Read and Read!! Many of you might not be fond of reading but it is indispensable for your basic understanding and can’t be taken callously. When you inculcate a habit of reading you resourceful and prominent. Leisure reading is also a good practice.
  • Explore new places. One of the best ways to eliminate dullness is to explore new places. You can pack your bags and fly to wherever you want. The idea here is to explore the unexplored. When you don’t test yourself onto new places, you become rustic and when you surpass each and every creation of universe you become vibrant.
  • Spend time with elderly people. A lot has been said and done to satisfy our greed and pride but how many of us do the right thing by helping the needy. How can you help? Visit an old age home nearby. Sit with them. Hear their stories. Be a good soul.
  • Write journals. Keeping diary entries is a good way to release anxieties. You can write the best moments of your life and read them whenever you want to cherish them again. Keeping track of good memories keeps you positive. And it is a good practice to exchange a dialogue with you.
  • Play mind games. Playing mind games is quite engaging and gripping. You can try solving puzzles like   Sudoku. What’s thought provoking is the refinement it adds to your mental aptitude.
  • Surf the internet. In today’s world internet has become so productive that one can’t believe its existence without it. There are so many things to do on the internet, for example, you can search your favorite recipe on YouTube or you can find home remedies for skin problems. The inquisitive behavior must reflect on the internet.
  • Cooking! It is something one can never be bored of and likewise, it is a way to reduce boredom also. What happens when your parents leave you for 3 days, do starve to death? You do not have to because you can very well learn to satiate your hunger by cook the new variety of food.

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  • Play with your pet. If you don’t own a pet, then you must get yourself a fluffy cute pet that you can play with. Those who have a pet can never be bored in life as they are so entertaining and amiable, and not to forget the attention seeking trait they all possess.
  • Clean your space. How about clearing your space and placing the right things in a right place. Many of us either have their rooms dirtied or life. Start clearing out each and everything that is splurging and wasteful in your space. Keep the room you live in and the body where your soul resides prim.

– by Naina Mishra of Newsgram. Twitter @Nainamishr94

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