Know about the Indian Illuminati: Secret Communities in Ancient India

The Nine Unknown Men first came to public consciousness by Talbot Mundy who wrote the book 'The Nine Unknown'

This ancient secret society by the name of The Nine Unknown Men would be 2000 years old by now. (representative image)Pixabay
  • The society was allegedly formed by Ashoka in 226 BC after the battle of Kalinga
  • After Ashoka had seen the horrors of war, the society was made to protect and develop knowledge that could cause destruction in wrong hands
  • The society was to always have nine members who would maintain a separate book about a specific topic

Sept 28, 2016: Encrypted messages, secret missions and inscrutable aims, such is the nature of secret societies. With the thrill of operating just under the surface, the curiosity about their ancient secret knowledge and suspicion that is aroused because anyone could be a member, secret societies never fail to entice us. One such society by the name of ‘The Nine Unknown Men’ can be traced back to ancient India, that is believed to protect the knowledge, which could potentially cause major devastation and has allegedly been in existence since 2000 years ago.

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The society was formed after the grandson of Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka won one of the most bloodiest battles in the history, the battle of Kalinga; which took the lives of about 100,000 soldiers. Seeing such large scale destruction, Ashoka gave up the path of violence forever and converted himself to Buddhism and started preaching peace.

He then summoned the nine most brilliant minds in India who set about collecting all the scientific knowledge they could from psychology to composition of matter for Ashoka had now learned that if knowledge reached the wrong hands it would only cause death and destruction of masses.


As commanded by Ashoka only the nine men were allowed to study and develop scientific theories. They were each required to maintain a book about their specific subject and charged with keeping it updated and select a successor in case of their demise but at all times the number of people in the society had to remain nine.

According to some sources, Ashoka had even charged the nine men with the manipulating the Indian culture and present it as a mystic backward society to hide all the advancements in science.

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The Nine Books

(i) Propaganda and Psychological welfare: This book contained messages about influencing the behavior and opinions of a large group of people and so could be one of the most dangerous books.

(ii) Physiology: It contains the study of physical, chemical and mechanical functions of organisms.It talks about the ‘touch of death'(death being caused by the reversal of nerve impulse.)

(iii) Alchemy: This book is rumoured to have knowledge about the transmutation of metals. It is said to contain knowledge about turning different metals to gold.

(iv) Communication: This book was regarding the communication with the extraterrestrials.

(v) Gravitation: This book was said to contain knowledge about the secrets of gravitation and instructions to build a ‘Vedic Viman’

(vi) Cosmology: This book is about the secrets of the universe. Some claim that it has the secret of time travelling and inter-universe travels.

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(vii) Light: It’s about the ability to increase or decrease the speed of light or even use it as a weapon of mass destruction

(viii) Sociology: About the rules governing societies and how to predict their downfall.

(ix) Microbiology: It contained the science of what we now call microbiology.

Knowledge is indeed the most powerful weapon and that The Nine Unknown Men, if they exist will probably have an ocean of it. While most people are cynical of the existence of any such society some believe that the Nine Unknown Men are still active, working at important positions and keeping the vision of Ashoka alive.

– by Anubhuti Gupta of Newsgram. Twitter: @anuB_11



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