Libyan Jet carrying 118 People landed in Malta after being Hijacked on a Domestic route

On Flight 8U209, there is said to be a single hijacker who has told the crew that he had a grenade

Jet in Malta
Afriqiyah Airways (Wikimedia)

Malta, Dec 23, 2016: A Libyan Jet has been hijacked and it was forced to land in Malta with 118 people on board. The two hijackers are carrying hand grenades and have threatened to blow up the aircraft.

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While the Malta International Airport said, that the emergency teams have already been dispatched. On Flight 8U209, there is said to be a single hijacker who has told the crew that he had a grenade, said Maltese government sources.

According to BBC report, the deputy mayor for Lija in Malta, Madga Magri Naudi said that paramedics and soldiers were standing by to see “what the next step is.”

A special committee meeting was taking place to address the situation, she added.

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After this incident, Malta International Airport has been closed as well as all flights have been diverted.

The negotiation teams are measuring their options and are on standby, said the Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. Apart from that, no passengers have been seen leaving the Airbus A320.

The hijacker said that said he was “pro-Gaddafi”, will release the passengers but not the crew if his as-yet-undisclosed demands were accepted, reported local media.

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