What is myspecialdates and can you really find your special date with its help?

Are you looking for your special woman abroad? Then let’s see whether the myspecialdates international dating platform can help you do that effectively and what your success depends on.
Find your special date with myspecialdates. (Unsplash)

Find your special date with myspecialdates. (Unsplash)


By Sasha Lopez

Myspecialdates — a breakthrough in dating

<div class="paragraphs"><p><em>With the invention of the Internet and namely, online dating, finding a partner has become much easier. (Unsplash)</em></p></div>

With the invention of the Internet and namely, online dating, finding a partner has become much easier. (Unsplash)


Everyone is dreaming of finding his better half but unfortunately, lots of people struggle with it. Modern people have other priorities and do not always have a chance to commit themselves to the process fully. The lack of time, effort, and desire to be fully devoted to someone brings no good. If you do not have time to go out and get to know someone enough, you will hardly manage to find someone to spend the rest of your life with.

With the invention of the Internet and namely, online dating, this problem is partially solved. Now, you might not go out and waste your time on unnecessary first dates but can do everything online. Communication while working, in bed, or even on the go is always much easier and less time and money-consuming than having actual dates. 

According to Pew research, 12% of overall couples have married or engaged with someone they met through online dating. This number is quite impressive and definitely, you should give it a try. However, the result highly depends on whether the choice of your dating platform is right. One of such portals is Myspecialdates and it has some good reviews from users on the Internet.

Let’s consider a brief review of Myspecialdates and find out whether you can find your love with the help of this dating site. Are all those online users just lucky or their success with this international dating site is a pattern? 

What it, actually, is

  • International dating website

  • Created for connections with Slavic, Latin American, and Asian women

  • Free registration and completion of your profile

  • Casual interface

  • Free trial period 

  • Only amateur and real-life selfies and photos of female users

  • Exclusively validated female profiles


How can you successfully date online?

If you have been looking for a soulmate for a long time, paying attention to an Internet dating site could be worth it. First of all, it doesn’t cost you anything to register on a trustworthy platform. You just need an Internet connection and any device (phone, laptop, tablet, PC). Just click the signup button and fill in the form that takes less than a minute. 

Provide your real name (it is better to avoid fake information and soon, you will learn why exactly), type your email address, choose your password, and accept the Terms and Conditions. Now, you are a member of a dating site. Being a member still doesn’t mean that you succeed, so below, you will find a few tips on how to have interesting conversations with beautiful women and bring one of them to your country. 

Provide your real and up-to-date information

<div class="paragraphs"><p><em>If you have been looking for a soulmate for a long time, paying attention to an Internet dating site could be worth it. (Unsplash)</em></p></div>

If you have been looking for a soulmate for a long time, paying attention to an Internet dating site could be worth it. (Unsplash)


Of course, you can always use a nickname for your profile, however, it is not recommended to do this. One of the reasons is that you will be offered different promotions and bonuses in the future. To claim those, the information in your profile must match the data of your credit card. If they do not coincide, you will not get those offers and they are quite generous.

Secondly, if a lady sees a strange nickname instead of a real name, she will hardly believe you are serious. Girls rather assume that you are hiding something. It is always better to be sincere in your profile. The next step would be to upload a photo of good quality and not older than six months-one year. 

Even if you believe that you still look perfect and young, you change drastically in just one year. Ladies will definitely notice the difference when seeing you on video and it will not give you extra points. Vice versa, this is a real turn-off. Your height, weight, and other information should also match reality. Otherwise, sooner or later, your lies will be revealed and you will hardly match with somebody on this website.

Don’t limit yourself by creating a profile

Some members of online dating communities occasionally complain that they created a profile but didn’t meet the love of their lives. Unfortunately, if you simply create a profile on a dating site, you are not guaranteed to meet your love. The process requires your involvement and full participation. 

All ladies on decent dating websites are looking for love and serious relationships. They cannot date or marry someone who appears on the site once in a while and doesn’t write to them often. Such communication will hardly result in any relationships. 

All girls are well-engaged in chatting and messaging and are truly willing to get to know male members. They want to hear back from you, so if you procrastinate and just wait, then complaining is useless. 

How serious are those foreign women?

For men, registration on Myspecialdates is completely free of charge and hassle-free. You cannot say the same about women though. The female gallery is presented by women from Asia, Latin America, and Slavic countries. They do not have any professional photos with tons of Photoshop and makeup. On the contrary, their photos are very natural and reflect how they look in real life.

Registration is much tougher for girls on this website. They need to pass a manual validation process. Moderators of the site interview every lady face-to-face and make sure her documents, photos, and real-life person match. A lady should prove her identity, marital status, and availability of kids. If everything is ok with validation, then the lady’s profile can be posted on the site.

All ladies are quite serious and interested in communication. They are willing to get to know you and never disappear after a while like on many similar websites. They want to meet in real life and have a serious relationship. Their photos are very realistic, not stolen or photoshopped. You can be 100% sure that on Myspecialdates, you will not come across fake or entertainment profiles.


How much finding your love online costs

As mentioned above, registration is free and so are many features on this website. For instance, you do not need to pay to create your profile, no need to be charged for browsing ladies’ gallery, and opening all girls’ photos is also completely free. Getting in touch with customer support, sending first messages, and reading letters are also free of charge. 

The site doesn’t charge you for being a member either. There are no recurring payments or charges for memberships or subscriptions. You only need to pay for a bunch of credits. The platform uses a credit system which is quite convenient and only you decide when to pay for using the services and which exactly. Prices for packages start at $19.99 and go up to $199. 

Moreover, there is a free trial. Right after registration and confirming your email address, you receive free credits. They appear on your balance right away and can be used immediately. These credits are pretty enough to get in touch with a lady or two and understand whether they have any interest in you or whether there is anyone interested in you. 


Myspecialdates is a modern website with a very user-friendly interface. It connects western guys with Slavic, Asian, and Latin American girls. They have amateur pictures and do not disappear after a while of communication. All profiles are validated and genuine. Prices are very fair and apart from that, the site offers a free trial and lots of free features. It can be a good way of meeting your international partner when approached properly. Onwards!


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