Modern Buddhism Center in US offers Stress Relief Teachings to people of all Religions through Meditation

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, a teacher at Kadampa has accepted the task of delivering the modern Buddhism to the modern world

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Madison, US, November 9, 2016: It’s not new to us that how stress and tension have taken away the happiness and positivity from our life. Amidst the race to achieve greater heights, complete daily tasks, find solutions to problems, a happy and healthy mind is hard to find in the crowd.

To help people overcome stress and find their way back to healthy mind, the Kadampa Meditation Center Madison has been recently opened on Park Street in US. It offers numerous opportunities to students and the greater Madison community to help them practice Kadampa or the Modern Buddhism and learn meditation.

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According to the report, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, the teacher at Kadampa has accepted this task of delivering the modern Buddhism to the modern world. Gen Kelsang Gomlam who is the resident teacher at the center said that before Gyatso, the teachings of Buddhism was mostly for the monks but the teachings of modern Buddhism are open to the general public.

Gomlam said, “His complete focus is on providing places and teachers that are qualified to teach Buddha’s teachings in a modern presentation that’s easy for people who are busy. It’s definitely not about making people Buddhist, it’s presenting methods to help people solve their human problems.”

Gomlam added, according to people, happiness comes from the external world but actually the feeling comes from inside the mind. “We have an essence that’s actually positive, but it gets clouded by stress, busyness, external situations and then we feel overwhelmed and our peaceful part doesn’t function.”

Mollie Gossage, a University of Wisconsin graduate student and also a participant in Diamond Way Buddhism- UW chapter who also sees the value of meditation said that the students have an interest in all the forms of meditation because of studies which show the benefits of it. She also added that meditation has gained popularity in the recent years, mentioned

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Gossage said that there are other forms of meditation, besides the available Buddhist meditation but the goals are different for the two of them. Gossage started the practice of meditation as a strategy to increase the concentration in her studies.

Gossage says- “It’s not just about making yourself more comfortable, but actually transforming your mind completely and transforming your emotions.”

Gomlam speaking about the new center on Park Street says, it functions to provide people what they require in their busy life to help them maintain peace of mind. A little bit of instruction can also help.

“Meditation needs to be integrated into daily life,” Gomlam said.

“We can understand that there is hope, we just need to look for happiness where it can be found. It’s not found in anything outside of our mind, “he added further.

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To fix problems one needs to come from a clear and positive mind during the stressful and troubling times. Gomlam said, people love to train their mind which involves training through the ways which lead to one’s own happiness.

“Meditation means learning how to give rise to your own mental peace — something you have in you all the time,” Gomlam further added.

– prepared by Chesta Ahuja, NewsGram.  Twitter: @ahuja_chesta



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