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Modi not welcome in London: Are ‘Breaking India’ forces at work in UK?

A section of British Indians on Sunday projected the words ‘Modi not welcome’ along with a symbol of ‘OM’ fashioned after Nazi Swastika, onto the Houses of Parliament building in the United Kingdom (UK).

The projection was part of a protest that is being headed by the ‘Awaaz Network’ against Narendra Modi’s scheduled visit to the UK on November 12.

The Awaaz Network, which calls itself a ‘UK-based secular network of individuals and organizations committed to monitoring and combating religious hatred in South Asia and in the UK’, has been running a sustained propaganda campaign against Narendra Modi for the past decade.

In a press-release by Awaaz Network states: ‘He wants to sell the idea of a ‘Digital India’, a ‘clean India’ (swachh bharat) and a developed and self-sufficient India (‘make in India’). The reality is the unleashing of a violent authoritarian agenda that seeks to undermine India’s democratic and secular fabric.’ Further, a flyer released by the group states that Modi ‘incited and presided over systematic, planned, and brutal mass pogrom’ against Muslims in 2002 in Gujarat. It also portrays India as being unsafe for Dalits, minorities, LGBTs and others due to ‘routine’ attacks on them.

The question to be asked is, why is a ‘secular’ organization running a propaganda campaign against the visiting Prime Minister of its own native country?

Is Awaaz Network a Breaking India force?

Though, Awaaz Network claims itself to be a ‘secular organization’, a look at its collaborators reveals that it is closely associated with various Dalit, Islamic and Sikh organizations. Why would a secular network associate itself with Islamic or Sikh organizations?

He is not visiting the UK as a representative of BJP or RSS whom Awaaz Network equates with fascism. Modi is visiting the UK as a representative of India. Hence, an opposition to Modi is an opposition to India and its very identity.

A look at the past campaigns run by the organizations reveals that their secularism and concerns for combating hatred is exclusively limited to running campaigns against Modi and other Hindu organizations like Sewa International, Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, etc. It brands all these organizations as communal and sectarian but has nothing to speak about rising Islamic terrorism, Naxalism, or Christian evangelism.

The organization had protested and had successfully prevented Modi’s entry into the UK in 2005 as well. The fact that despite the highest courts in India exonerating Modi in the 2002 Gujarat riots, the organization still speaks about Modi inciting and presiding over the violence, clearly exposes their subversive agenda.

What else will explain their current opposition to the visit of Prime Minister of India? Modi is not visiting the UK on a personal basis. He is not visiting the UK as a representative of BJP or RSS whom Awaaz Network equates with fascism. Modi is visiting the UK as a representative of India. Hence, an opposition to Modi is an opposition to India and its very identity.

Jay Jina, in his 2004 article ‘The “awaaz” of empty pots’ published in Asian Voice, writes: “Awaaz stands for peaceful, democratic and co-operative resolution of disputes”. Really? Why then, in a packed website dedicated to this goal, is there no mention of the carnage of tens of thousands and the violent displacement of half a million Hindus and Sikhs at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists in Jammu and Kashmir?…… Awaaz opposes discrimination based on religious belief, caste, class, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, language, nationality and other factors”. Except when it comes to Hindus, apparently! So much so that the building of temples dedicated to Hindu Goddesses within India is considered discriminatory.”

Jay Jina, further continues: “Awaaz opposes the raising of funds in the UK for activities related to religious intolerance, whether in the UK or abroad”. That is so sweet! So much so that channeling of Christian funds to spread hatred, violence, family fissures, cultural displacement and secession in parts of India go unreported? Or that Awaaz has nothing to say on the well-established connection between UK funding and the export of Jihadi terrorism?

This clearly shows that Awaaz Network is simply a breaking India (a term popularized by Rajiv Malhotra) force with an anti-India, anti-Hindu agenda.

Modi represents revival of Bharat rooted in Dharma

This anti-India agenda has manifested in the form of sustained anti-Modi propaganda because Modi represents an idea of Bharat rooted in the Dharma as against an idea of India that calls for imitation of the west. Modi is attacked because he is not apologizing for being a Hindu. He recognizes that the history, culture, and identity of India is rooted in Dharma. This is similar to the idea of Bharat propagated by the likes of Sri Aurobindo and Swami Vivekananda.

But, this idea of Bharat is opposed to those who consider India should discard all its cultural and spiritual roots, and adopt western morality and secularism. In other words, the campaign against Modi is simply a campaign to remove India from its Dharmic roots.

Sanatana Dharma, not Hindutva is the real target

The real target of the sustained campaign against Modi, against Hindu organizations, and Hindutva is actually Sanatana Dharma. The use of symbol OM that has been fashioned to resemble Nazi Swastika in their campaign against Modi clearly establishes this. Hindutva is merely an excuse. Whenever the anti-Hinduism bias of breaking India forces is exposed, they try to cover it by claiming they are only against Hindutva, and not Hinduism.

It is high time that Indians, including those who are outside India, recognized the agenda and the workings of breaking India forces whose only goal is to stop the resurgence of Bharat rooted in Sanatana Dharma.



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