More than 10,000 Saudi Women get Mobile Phone repairing training to improve Employment opportunities of Females

Around 10,000 Saudi women were included in training sessions about mobile phone repairing to help create more job opportunities for females of the country

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Riyadh, Feb 6, 2017: According to media reports on Monday, More than 10,000 Saudi women have received mobile phone repairing training to improve the employment opportunities of females.

The free training sessions were provided by the Technical and Vocational Training Cooperation to 10,769 female students who are the students of 19 collages in different parts of the country, Xinhua news agency reported.

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A spokesperson for the cooperation said the training was part of a plan to ensure more placements in the communication sector. The cooperation also offers an array of training sessions on sales, consumer services and advanced repairing of smart phones.

According to him, the trained women were able to work at mobile phone shops after gaining the basic skills necessary for such job and they can also go for obtaining licenses to kick start their own businesses.

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Saudi Arabia has been taking many noteworthy steps to open new opportunities for recruiting women, including the distance work scheme that permits women to work from home. (IANS)



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