Muslim Men and Women unite against Uniform Civil Code, want Triple Talaq to stay

Uniform civil code is the proposal to have a common set of laws governing every citizen irrespective of religion

Indian Muslim women. Wikipedia Commons

October 14, 2016: The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), with the support of  several other organisations, has slammed the government’s attempt to implement Uniform Civil Code across the nation.

At a press conference, AIMPLB general secretary Wali Rehmani, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind president Maulana Arshad Madani and representatives of other bodies announced that they would boycott the questionnaire developed by the Law Commission, reported The Hindu.

The questionnaire developed by the law commission seeks public views on the matter of triple talaq and implementation of Uniform Civil Code. “This has been done facilitate imposition of Uniform Civil Code. It is a sort of cheating. Law commission’s actions are illegal,” Rahmani alleged.

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According to The Hindu, the board said that the country had more important issues to resolve than triple talaq. The Board asked the government to focus on the security of the nation post the surgical strikes.

AIMPLB officiating general secretary said, “Boundaries are not being handled properly (by Modi government). Yet, this government has launched an internal war.”

On the issue of triple talaq, The Board said that if there were some  “flaws” in the personal laws of Muslims, they were addressed on a regular basis.

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Surprising, even women sided with the board at the press conference. Women members of the Board, also present at the press meet, stressed that contrary to perception, the personal law balances rights of Muslim women and men “very well” and that there is no need for reforms in it, mentioned The Hindu.

Women members of the board implored that contrary to popular belief, the personal laws of Muslims are well balanced with respect to men and women and that no reforms are required.

“There is no need for any reform in the law. Triple talaq is not an issue and the government’s move to impose UCC intends to snatch our religious freedom guaranteed in the Indian Constitution. That’s the reason we are fighting for our rights,” said Aasma Zehra, a Board member.

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Uniform civil code is the proposal to have a common set of laws governing every citizen irrespective of religion. These laws are different from public laws as they cover issues like marriage, divorce, inheritance,adoption and maintenance . UCC has become one of the most controversial topics as it challenges the secularity of the nation.

“People of different cultures stay in this country, if the UCC is implemented, attempts will be made to paint all in one colour, which is not in the interest of the country. Also, We don’t want the practice of triple talaq to be abolished. There are more divorces in other communities. Rather the highest rate, which is double that of Muslims, is among Hindus,” claimed Mr Rahmani.

Both Mr Madani and Mr Rahmani said the Muslim organizations announced to launch a campaign in order create awareness and gather support against UCC among Muslims. The campaign will begin with with a gathering in Lucknow.

“The government is trying to divert attention of people from its failure. We hope it withdraws the move. If it doesn’t, we will decide on our future course of action. At present, we are trying to create awareness among Muslims in the country,” added Mr Rahmani.

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