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New York remains Indians’ Favourite Holiday Destination: Study

Locations like Amsterdam, Athens and Male are also becoming travel prospects for Indians

Delhi, Feb 9, 2017: Topping the charts of favourite tourist destinations for the second year running, New York remains India’s favourite holiday destination. New York, Dubai and London were the top three most searched travel locations by Indians.

The trend has changed slightly for the first half of 2017 with Bangkok replacing London, noted a travel search engine- Kayak. “We saw a lot of interest being built for destinations like Amsterdam, Athens and Male becoming popular. These three key destinations garnered over 283 per cent, 185 per cent and 117 per cent increased volume in search queries respectively,” says Abhijit Mishra, Country Manager India, Kayak.

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Locations like Amsterdam, Athens and Male are also becoming travel prospects for Indians. There was also a study done wherein a comparison was made between travellers from different parts of India.

“Travellers from Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Hyderabad displayed a longer average trip duration as compared to travellers from Pune and Jaipur. The average travel duration for Ahmedabad was 11 days, followed by Mumbai and Hyderabad with an average travel duration of 8 days,” the study said.

The study also said, “Travellers from Kolkata made bookings 45 days prior to the trip, which was the longest lead time to travel. Bookings from Jaipur and Hyderabad showed a relatively less number of days, with an average of 24-25 days prior to their trips.”

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