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NewsGram’s Pick : These Quotes by the Famed Leaders are Second to None

These leadership quotes will thrive you to acquire leadership skills

Some leaders die but their leadership never dies . Pixabay

– by Naina Mishra

June 14, 2017:

Some leaders die but their leadership never dies. Newsgram brings to you the 5 second to none quotations about leadership by such leaders whose teaching are still ingrained in our lifestyles.


To be a leader one must be close enough to its team as it involves organizing them and delegating the work. But also it is important to motivate your teams constantly for the better productivity. The attitude is very important in guiding your team and setting a big picture for your organization.


It is important to maintain the motivation level and be focused towards the work. If you aren’t passionate about your work, your goal will only remain a wishful thinking. Nothing will change if you will change nothing, you should be willing to convert your dreams into a reality. Without passion, you cannot reach any far.


A leader must be able to trade the positivity in times of crisis. Whatever your position is in a profession, what you pass onto others is a matter of great value. A spark of hope in the darkness is what needed to people you lead, it costs nothing yet is priceless to people you pass on hope in misery. People admire leaders who plant a seed of hope.

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A leader is not imposed forcefully onto to masses. You should be able to set an epitome for others to follow you. John Adams was the 6th President of USA, and he was more than being capable of making a name for him. He epitomized the philosophy stated by him really well. He worked to inform, educate and inspire his peers in the fledgling American government. John inspired men to dream and work more.


Leadership is all about directing and motivating people to work efficiently and produce better results. Your success as a leader of the team is as great as the success of the team. To be a good leader you must inspire your team to work optimally.

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Dia Mirza says youth needs leaders who understand their minds. Instagram
Dia Mirza says youth needs leaders who understand their minds. Instagram

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“Young people need leaders to help them recognise the power of their voice,” she added. IANS