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A forest in India, Wikimedia

Kolkata, October 21, 2016: An NGO on Friday sought the National Human Rights Commission’s (NHRC) intervention in alleged firing from pellet guns by forest guards on a woman in West Bengal as she was collecting firewood for household use.

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In a letter to NHRC Chairman Justice H.L. Dattu (retd), Masum secretary Kirity Roy said the forest guards involved in the firing at the Jaldapara National Park recently should be booked in a criminal case and the woman and her family should be given adequate compensation and protection.

“The incident must be probed by your own investigating agency. The accused guards must be booked,” Roy said in his letter to the NHRC.

He sought the investigation into the alleged involvement of Madarihat police station personnel in the case.

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“The accused forest guards did not even consider the woman’s plea to arrest her and paid no need to her saying that she was ready to surrender,” the plea said.

He said the victim was still bedridden and her family was in severe financial crisis.

“Though, her husband made a police complaint, which is duly registered, in an all-out effort to shield the erring forest guards, the police have not arrested them till date,” the NGO’s letter said.

“Rather, they implicated the victim in a criminal case, where initially forest guards lodged a complaint against unknown accused,” Roy said.

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Roy said the incident was a “total contravention of Article 21 of the Constitution, which guarantees protection of life and personal liberty”.

“The trigger-happy forest guards also violated the international obligations and the basic principles on the use of force and firearms by law enforcement officials,” Roy’s letter added. (IANS)


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Children playing ringa ringa roses in an open backyard in England

Great historic events that have shaped the world and changed the outlines of countries are often not recorded in memory, or so we think. Wars made sure to destroy evidence and heritage, and the ones who survived told the tale of what really happened. Folklore, albeit through oral tradition kept alive many such stories, hidden in verse, limericks, and rhymes.

Ringa-ringa-roses, a common playtime rhyme among children across the world, is an example of folklore that has survived for many centuries. It tells the story of the The Great Plague of London which ravaged the city between 1665-1666.

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wikimedia commons

Certain tribes have remained matrilineal, where the decision-making power rests with the eldest female of the family.

In modern times, many social movements aim to bring reform to the society we live in, on the basis of certain existing patterns. Patriarchy is something that many aim to cleanse our cultures of, to usher in the era of social and gender equality. Despite all these so-called movements, in southern India, certain societies that patronise matriarchy have existed since before India's independence. The Nairs and Ezhavas of Kerala, and Bunts and Billavas of Karnataka are matrilineal societies that continue to thrive in a patriarchal country.

Kerala remains separate from the rest of India in many ways. Be it literacy policy, form of government, or cultural practices, this state does not always conform to the ideal that India is known for. Even so with their social structure. Certain tribes have remained matrilineal, where the decision-making power rests with the eldest female of the family.

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Photo by Medhat Dawoud on Unsplash

It is the world's top tech company in turnover (totaling $274.5 billion in 2020) and its most valuable corporation.

Apple inc. Is an American multinational tech firm specialized in consumer electronics, computer programs, and internet services founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in 1976 to manufacture Wozniak's Apple iComputer. It is the world's top tech company in turnover (totaling $274.5 billion in 2020) and its most valuable corporation. Apple is the fourth-largest PC seller by unit sales and the fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Apple has revealed a slew of new products at a special launch event that has been long-awaited. On the day of the live event, Apple announced the iPad mini, Apple Watch Series 7, iPhone 13 mini, and iPhone 13, as well as the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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