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NJ Greek Fest, Wikimedia
  • The NJ Greek Fest offers an array of delicious homemade Greek food and live music and dancing along with a kids zone
  • Funds raised from the events will be donated for the support of the Children’s Specialized Hospital

Westfield, New Jersey, June 5, 2017: The annual NJ Greek Fest is being hosted by the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church from June 1 to June 4. The event offered an array of delicious homemade Greek food and live music and dancing along with a kids zone and Greek marketplace for the whole family to enjoy.

Funds raised from the events will be donated for the support of the Children’s Specialized Hospital, the Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad to help victims of human trafficking and to Ionian Village, a summer camping program in Greece which is conducted by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

According to Fr. Peter Delvizis, “Greek Fest is a way in which our parish can interact with the local community to present them with the best of Greek culture just to share that people. We have been part of this community for 50 years.”

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The chairman of the annual festival is Agapios Kyritsis, who is commonly known as “Op” to his friends.

Kyritsis believes that every church has three main pillars — prayer, education and fellowship to be successful, but nobody can do the fellowship part better than the Greeks.

The marketplace tent is a must-visit. Anthony Bosco is a vendor at the tent who sells unique items that he found while traveling in Greece, such as religious art, prayer bracelets, and foods including artisan honey, organic wine, sea salt, spirits and herbal teas touted for their benefits in healthcare, mentioned report. Bosco said, “the olive oil — I don’t care where in the world you go, you will never taste olive oil like this,” holding out a bottle.

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Event M.C Ted Vagelos noted “Every product has a story,”; as Bosco talked about how he came across the old woman with a honey farm or the young man growing herbs. Picking up a box full of treats, he said, “The Turks like to take credit for this. This is pure Cyprian delight, made from honey, fruit and sesame. It’s like a jelly on the inside. It’s an after-dinner candy.”

It is very clear that the mouth-watering food is on everyone’s mind, and everyone’s plate, at the festival. The lines for popular Mediterranean street food like gyros (pronounced “yee-ros”), falafel and grilled marinated souvlakia (skewers of pork or chicken) kept growing longer and longer.

The festival had other food items as well that were in huge public demand, like the mezes (appetizers), roast lemon chicken and potatoes, lamb shanks served with orzo, traditional pastries, freshly made crepes with ice cream and warm doughnuts dripping with honey syrup. Also, to wash it all down, there were beverages including wine, beer, Greek coffee, and soft drinks.

– prepared by Durba Mandal of NewsGram. Twitter: @dubumerang



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