OTT New Shows And Movie You Will Enjoy Watching!

Get ready for the binge-watch shows, films, and series releasing on OTT platforms this week

Highlight films, shows and series releasing on OTT platform. Pixabay

We take a quick look at highlight OTT films, shows, and series scheduled to drop in the digital space this week.

AWAKE (film on Netflix; June 9)

Cast: Gina Rodriguez, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Barry Pepper, Finn Jones

Direction: Mark Raso

The sci-fi action OTT drama imagines an era when people have lost their ability to sleep and a global tragedy has destroyed all electronic equipment. A former soldier and her daughter look for an urgent solution.

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TRAGIC JUNGLE (film on Netflix; June 9)

Cast: Indira Rubie Adrewin, Gabino Rodriguez, Eligio Melendez, Dale Carley

Direction: Yulene Olaizola

A woman who flees to the Mayan jungle to evade a forced marriage is shocked to learn that she is amid unimaginable dangers, where nature, humans, and the supernatural threaten life.

List of new TV shows, movies you can enjoy watching. Pixabay

FRESH, FRIED & CRISPY (docu-series on Netflix; June 9)

Featuring food critic Daym Drops

Food critic Daym Drops goes around checking the best stops for fried delights. From crispy pork chops in Birmingham and deep-fried Oreos in San Diego to lump crab cakes in Baltimore, Drops, whose food reviews on YouTube enjoy over 250 million views, highlights the pick of fried food, from the streets to the high-end eateries.

WISH DRAGON (animation film on Netflix; June 11)

Voice cast: John Cho, Jimmy Wong, Natasha Liu Bordizzo

Direction: Chris Appelhans

The animation film is a reimagination of the genie-in-bottle fable. Din (voice of Jimmy Wong) is an average teenager and Long (John Cho) is a dragon who can grant wishes. They set out in pursuit of Din’s childhood friend Lina (Natasha Liu Bordizzo).

SKATER GIRL (film on Netflix; June 11)

Skater Girl poster. Wikimedia commons

Cast: Rachel Sanchita Gupta, Shradhha Gaikwad, Amrit Maghera, Waheeda Rehman

Direction: Manjari Makijany

The film is about a tribal teenager in Rajasthan. She discovers skateboarding after a British-Indian girl introduces the sport in her village, and becomes passionate about it.

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ARDHA SHATABDHAM (Telugu film on Aha; June 11)

Cast: Karthik Rathnam, Naveen Chandra, Krishna Priya

Direction: Ravindra Poole

The film is an action thriller set against the backdrop of an inter-cast romance that sparks off a communal riot. Krishna is in love with Pushpa but their story is in for an explosive consequence in their village. (IANS/AD).