Over 30 dead in Nigeria bomb blast

New Delhi: Over 30 people were killed in a bomb blast on Wednesday in Yola, northeast Nigeria. The blast is suspected to be an attempt to send a message to the government by Boko Haram, just one day after President Muhammadu Buhari visit, announcing that the Islamist militant group were close to defeat.

The explosion took place in Jambu area of Adamawa, the state capital, around 8:20 pm (1920 GMT). There has been no clarification given by the state regarding the manner of the bombing- suicide bomber or use of an explosive device.

Neither an official statement was issued to clarify the number of dead and wounded in the Nigeria bomb blast.

“So far, we’ve recorded about 32 dead and about 80 injured,” said Sa’ad Bello, the Yola coordinator for the National Emergency Management Agency.

However, the Red Cross and state police provided with a marginally lower toll of 31 dead and 72 injured. Boko Haram had earlier also attacked Yola with suicide bombers.

The President, during his visit, addressed the soldiers fighting against counter-insurgency and said that the Boko Haram would soon be defeated and urged the soldiers to continue being attentive. He also added Boko Haram would be punished for sneaking into their communities to attack soft targets.

The blast site was instantly cordoned off though the power cut slowed the rescue process in Yola. This was the first blast in Nigeria since last month. This positively reflects the army’s attempts to cut off the Boko Haram from their camp sites.

The country is strategizing to bring an end to militancy in the state by the next month.

The neighbouring areas of Chad, Niger and Cameroon are being increasingly attacked by rebels. To crush these rebels, a deadline was set by Buhari for his military commanders till the end of next month.

However, in urban areas which are particularly crowded, there is a great difficulty in neutralising this threat on account of the Yola explosion.