Over 52 Percent US Voters think US Media is biased in Favor of Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton

Voters' perceptions of media bias in 2016 are closely related to their underlying opinions of Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump

Picture of Hillary Clinton at the state fair. Wikimedia

November 6, 2016: Over half of registered US voters, or 52 per cent, believe the US media is biased in favor of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, according to a newly-released Gallup poll.

The findings are based on Gallup Daily tracking data collected October 27-28, reports Xinhua news agency.

 Voters’ perceptions of media bias in 2016 are closely related to their underlying opinions of Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump.

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Among voters who have a favourable opinion of Trump, 90 percent say the media is biased in favour of Clinton.

By contrast, nearly two-thirds of those who view Clinton favourably say the media is not biased toward either candidate.

Voters’ perceptions of media bias in 2016 are also related to political party affiliation.

Most Democrats, at 63 per cent, and independents, at 52 per cent, do not believe that the media is biased toward either candidate, Gallup found.

By contrast, the vast majority of Republicans, at 86 per cent, perceive media bias, and nearly all of them, at 80 per cent, believe the bias favors Clinton.

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Among independents and Democrats who perceive bias, large majorities also believe the bias favors Clinton.

In the US, perceptions of a liberal media bias have been prevalent throughout this century.

According to Gallup, the increased perception of media bias among voters is largely driven by Republicans. (IANS)


  1. This comment post will probably be deleted since this is a biased liberal media. But I’ll type it in anyway and just see. I am a black conservative and I am voting for Donald Trump. I happen to know that a whole lot of Hispanics are voting for Donald Trump also. I am in these FB groups and I see their comments how they long for America to be prosperous once again and how they came to America for the American dream of owning a nice home with a white picket fence.
    I also have these dreams.
    But lets get on to the subject at hand…
    Isn’t this the same HIllary Clinton that worked for Nixon and the very same WATERGATE old chilly Hilly was fired at. What else was she involved with Nixon that we don’t know about?
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    Why do you do it? To make it look like this stupid liberal news media has more support than they have? Brainwashers are using their brainwashed dimtards to brainwash others.
    Thats about as bad as Obama paying the same actors who rioted in 2 different cities. And you can even google the Sandy Hook school shooting hoaxes where some of these actors appeared in other school shootings in other cities. Who are the fake actors who pretended to be parents? Where are the bodies buried? Why were certain honest reporters kept away from close-up photos and comments? There are Sandy Hook FB groups you can go to where a lot of questions are presented that make sense. There is no limit the libtard democrat Islamic terrorists sympathizers would not go to steal America’s guns.
    Think people think. Dont let the libtard tell you how to think. Dont be afraid of being called a conspiracy theorist or a tin foil hat wearer. You have liberal democrat voters that are getting doped up on marijuana coke and pills so that they cannot do anything but vote democrat. They are unable to search for the truth. The Liberal Democrats are a criminal organization and are striving to cheat America out of it’s freedoms to thrive and survive the way God wants them to.


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