Pakistan Government takes initiative to install Shikhar Kalash on Hindu Temples

For the first time in after Indo-Pak separation, Pakistan takes up the project of installing peak urns on plundered Hindu shrines

A Hindu Temple in Pakistan, (representational Image), Wikimedia

Amritsar, January 6, 2017: For the first time since Indo-Pak partition, Pakistan government has taken an initiative to install Sikhar Kalash (peak urn) on the domes of Hindu temples which are believed to have been demolished decades ago and most recently during anti-Hindu rallies in Pakistan as an aftermath of the destruction of Babri mosque in India.

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The sewa (voluntary service) of renovation of domes and installation of Shikhar Kalash is being supervised and conducted by Pakistan’s Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB), enshrined with the job of managing Hindu and Sikh properties in Pakistan post 1947 Indo-Pak partition, after its chairman Farooq ul Saddiq himself made personal financial contribution for the sewa, mentioned TOI report.

“Yes, I began the sewa by making donations from my personal resources for installation of shikhar kalash but don’t ask me how much,” said Farooq in a conversation on Friday.

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The work is being personally directed by Faraz Abbas, deputy secretary of Hindu Affairs, ETPB.

Mentioning that the sewa had started at Katasraj cluster of temples, he also stated that temple domes having cracks were being repaired and after that shikhar kalash were being installed on them.

 Farooq informed that ETPB had the brass kalash made from expert artisans of Lahore which were later gold plated before their installation. “We have begun the renovation work which will be extended to all the Hindu temples managed under ETPB,” he said.

It was also mentioned that ETPB had installed several cages and green belt developed for birds and animals in the surrounding area of Katasraj temple cluster.

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According to Farooq, ETPB came in touch with several prominent Hindu leaders of Pakistan so as to carry out the renovation work of religious places in conformity with Hindu religious practices adding that all the renovation expenses and cost of shikhar kalash were produced by ETPB.

– prepared by Durba Mandal of NewsGram. Twitter: @dubumerang