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Another day, another terror attack. The details remain the same. Some people get killed, some survive. It is no more relevant to know the name of the place or the organisation that executed the attacks.

It is routine. People are born, people die. Naturally, unnaturally, massacred, butchered, blasted, ripped… All the gory ways of death one can imagine assumes shapes after these attacks.

‘Humanity died’, ‘humanity attacked’, this and that… It’s all clichéd now. It’s overdone. We need newer phrases… Or do we? I think we need better phrases to convince people. Intellectuals and leaders of the world must discover better words to convince the populations that they are safe.

France President Hollande said France would be ruthless in its response. Obama too, as usual, condemned the attacks. The thing is- all these leaders do, and perhaps can do, is read a statement. Statements are necessary as well. People get a feeling that their leaders care for them. That’s why these statements are very important. In the absence of such statements, people won’t be able to realise how much the leaders care for their population.

People die in terror attacks. This is a routine affair. It is so routine that people just take a deep breath that they were not killed.

In the same routine is the routine of these ‘world leaders’ who condemn the attacks. Condemnation is good. It is as necessary as the need of the ‘world leader’. World needs to be falsely made to believe that ‘something’ will be done.

However, what is exactly done is the opposite. Where you can’t sell burgers, you sell arms and weapons. The West has always created problems for humanity by nurturing terrorists as strategic assets, like Taliban, that backfires almost all the time.

Is ISIS such a big issue that America, which otherwise runs with the ‘humanity in crisis’ flag, can’t wipe it? Are these forces so strong that whole of West can’t tackle them! Or is it just that they don’t care unless they find a reason to care for ‘humanity’?

Recently, the US gave weapons to ‘good rebels’ in Syria without much thoughts whether or not it will reach the wrong hands. US, UK, France has been funding Sunni terrorists in Syria and the Paris attacks were waiting to happen, claimed Wikileaks in a series of tweets.

These superpowers need a destabilised world to sell arms. Some nations must keep fighting to ensure a market to sell weapons in the name of peace. It is ridiculous to think how do arms help in bringing peace.

Either our definitions of peace vary with our perspective or we are too dumb to accept it.

But that’s fine. People need to kill each other in the name of religion and borders. How else would the Nobel ‘Peace’ Prize to likes of Obamas and European Unions would be justified! Unless there is a conflict how would these leaders and organisations ‘establish’ peace!

Some places are markets for burgers and some, which are not, are markets of bombs. Some people eat burgers and some, bombs. As necessary it is to sell, the same necessity is for its consumption as well. The more you have to sell, the more you need to make sure are ‘used’.

The USA sings the tune of 9/11 and how they are standing with everyone on the ‘war on terror’, but they won’t stop making and selling arms. It is easy for them to look for WMD in Iraq, to look for Taliban in Afghanistan but not that easy to help Syria wipe the ISIS menace because Assad isn’t that friendly. Not only that, when Russia targets ISIS hideouts, John Kerry finds faults in it.

Oil fascination of the US, and endeavour to get it anyhow from anywhere, is not something we don’t know. As the joke goes: “If your face is oily, beware. For, the US can attack your face on humanitarian grounds.”

And the joke, if not literally but otherwise, is apt given the lengths American presidents travel, literally, to gain control over it. We, surely, can’t forget the State’s use of media during Iraq invasion where one oil well was shown burning (from different angles) to make believe there were several being burnt down. However, the tankers were quietly moved through sea towards American shores.

Given the unfavourable Assad regime, with the backing of Russia, the US is finding it difficult to attack Syria for ‘humanitarian concerns’ as it did elsewhere. That’s why, in absence of ‘profit’, the oft-quoted ‘humanitarian concerns’ are invisible to Obama administration even as hundreds are being raped, butchered and burnt alive in the ISIS captured regions of Syria.

No one cares for human lives, it seems. Although, we have statements that say otherwise, but it doesn’t convince the common people anymore. Why are such powerful nations rendered helpless by a group of radicals with terror attacks of such precision?

These attacks are so common that people don’t actually feel much unless it is hitting a new low like the killing of school kids in Peshawar. People take out candles, denounce the terrorists and then post on social media. Then, the question is what else can they do?

These powers must stop creating conflicts in areas to suit their economic and diplomatic aims and seriously think about these deaths like today’s Paris attacks. There is no other reason why would ISIS target a particular nation and shout about France’s policy in the Syria.



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