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Popular HBO Series “Game of Thrones” continues to be the most Pirated show continuously for the Fifth Year

Frank Darabont's "The Walking Dead" is on the second position in terms of illegal downloads

Game of Thrones
Viewers across the globe are waiting for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones. Wikimedia

Los Angeles, Dec 29, 2016: “Game of Thrones” continues to be the most pirated show continuously for the fifth year. After its sixth season finale aired, the highest number of people sharing the single episode of the hit HBO series across several torrents was found to be 350,000.

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“Game of Thrones” has basically been widely pirated outside USA. Illegal downloads of the show increased to about seven million in the first quarter of 2015 which was 45% more than 2014.To combat the piracy problem, HBO also decided to make the content more widely available and it did so by making the show available on HBO Now.

According to PTI, Frank Darabont’s “The Walking Dead” is on the second position in terms of illegal downloads.

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“Westworld”, the sci-fi drama, which is based on Michael Crichton’s 1973 film of the same name stands on the third position. FOX’s drama fantasy “Lucifer” and Amazon’s “The Grand Tour” are newly launched shows which are also in the race of becoming the most pirated show.

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How to Speed up Torrent? Find it out Here

You would be affixed in case you go overlapping values, otherwise, there is a need to consider employing a repeater, a power line or also a router that has more powerful antennas

Here's how you can speed up Torrent.

In case you’re new to torrents, you might have an idea on the means of finding torrent files, how to download them and also the way you can load them into a uTorrent, but then, if that’s the end of your knowledge, the download speeds might probably seem to be a challenge you will encounter. There are a lot of things that you should check at to ensure that uTorrent is somehow faster, some of these things are like Wi-Fi interference, seeder number, your utorrent latest version, and the speed and priority settings. You can as well consider force starting the torrent if things still seem no working. Herein you will learn how to speed up torrent; 

Consider a file with many seeders

Initial step an individual should take to speed up the entire process occurs right before they start. There is a need for an individual to visit the preferred torrent site provider. There a torrent from the front page will be chosen and more details about are will be found on the next page. At the blue box, the number of available seeds for download will be seen right from the higher this figure the fastest the entire download speed will be. It is recommended that an individual looks for downloads with a high number of available seeders. 

Cap the upload speed

Your download will probably slow down in case you upload many files correctively, therefore, there is a need to limit the entire max upload speed. All you should do is going to uTorrent and click on the available options in the provided main menu and follow by clicking at preferences in the appearing menu. Different choices will be listed and you are required to select Bandwidth and enter a value of maybe around 50 in the top box. You can also consider using a large figure in case you have such a fast internet connection, simply click OK for this change to get an effect.

Initial step an individual should take to speed up the entire process occurs right before they start.

Consider torrent prioritizing

Another existing method you can consider when you want to speed up a torrent. All you should do is simply right clicking on the particular torrent, go directly to Bandwidth allocation, after this, a list of options will appear, you are required to click on a high option. By this, the torrent will get a higher priority than all other files that might be on the downloading process.

Incorporating numerous trackers

Is the most preferred method by many people for this project. In most cases, finding a healthy torrent is not such an easy thing as such. Slow torrents have got a chance to increase their speed through this process at large. All you should do is copying provided code of the particular content you’re busy downloading. Right there, tab on the one you want and make a selection info tab that is right from below. This is where you will find the torrent hash code. Follow by Googling given code and make a step to download a similar torrent from a totally different site.

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Automatic settings

There is in place automatic setting speeds tools to enhance maximum connection. You can start this by hitting the ctrl + G buttons or also selecting the setup guide that is at the options menu. Thereafter run the results and consider saving the outcomes. Likewise, you can make an upload speed selection manually right from the dropdown provided menu. Choose the appropriate speed that seems to be nearest to your favorite upload speed. Avoid selecting higher speeds since these ones will not provide results that you may need.

Check your Wi-Fi connection

This is another advice that might seem to be a common one but then it makes such a great difference. Many people normally degrade this point but it adds up a lot to the topic we have in place. In case you want to check that you are using the line fully, consider doing a speed test while still connected to your network source and follow by trying to redo it by connecting to the router through the LAN cable. You would be affixed in case you go overlapping values, otherwise, there is a need to consider employing a repeater, a power line or also a router that has more powerful antennas.