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Reality Headset HoloLens by Microsoft Gives Dutch National Museum Visitors New Experience in Netherlands

The Dutch National Museum is now using HoloLens, a product from Microsoft to implement augmented reality and to create holograms of the exhibits they want to


Netherlands, November 7, 2016: Almost all of us have visited a museum at least once in our lifetime and also have been dead tired after scrutinizing all the artifacts that interest us. Well, what if we did not have to walk those long hallways and giant rooms to explore the relics? What if we could witness all of it without significant movement throughout the museum?

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The Dutch National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden, Netherlands has accomplished it with the help of researchers at Delft University. The museum did not have enough room to exhibit all the relics it possesses.

To solve this problem, and make the museum more informative, the museum took help from researchers at Delft University. “Right now, 80% of the stuff that they have at the museum, they can not show and that’s a shame” a researcher at Deft University, Annalies Maltha said to Reuters.

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The museum is now using HoloLens, a product from Microsoft to implement augmented reality and to create holograms of the exhibits they want to. The visitors can experience different artifacts and historic relics using these holograms. One such example is the virtual manifestation of an ancient Egyptian temple which was reconstructed inside the premises in 1971.

The researchers are also using HoloLens to scan every place inside out and then create a three-dimensional model and by using different softwares they can also add more features, interaction with pictures, presentations, and scaling or other transformation options to the models to make the experience more informative.

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As augmented reality is being utilized in this case, it helps you feel the ancient aura of the relics and reconstructions but unlike virtual reality, it does not shut you off from the outside world. There are also possibilities of you interacting with the objects in the environment.

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This impressive idea is still under development but the prospects of utilization of this technology are limitless. The increase in the level of interaction with the antiques will peak the interest of everyone and attract a larger crowd, mainly youngsters amazed by such applications.

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Microsoft Lays Off News Production Workers; Replace Them With AI

A report suggests that Microsoft has cut off its editorial staff and replaced them with AI

Microsoft cuts off staff and replaces them with artificial intelligence. Pxabay

Microsoft is reportedly laying off at least 50 news production workers and replacing them with artificial intelligence (AI)-based algorithms to perform their editorial duties.

According to a report in the Seattle Times on Saturday, the roughly 50 employees contracted through staffing agencies Aquent, IFG and MAQ Consulting have been notified “that their services would no longer be needed beyond June 30”.

These news production contractors work with Microsoft News, the company’s news content arm that operates MSN.com and other properties.

A Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement that like all companies, they evaluate business on a regular basis.

“This can result in increased investment in some places and, from time to time, redeployment in others. These decisions are not the result of the current pandemic,” said the Microsoft spokesperson.

artificial-intelligence microsoft
All the work, duty and tasks of the workers will be performed by AI. Pixabay

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Some employees told Seattle Times that “MSN will use AI to replace the production work they’d been doing”.

The work includes using algorithms to identify trending news stories from dozens of publishing partners, rewrite headlines or adding better photographs or slide shows.

Besides the production work, the contract employees also planned content, maintained the editorial calendars of partner news websites and assigned content to them. (IANS)

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Google Maps Allows Android Users to Share Locations Using Plus Codes

The update aims at easy sharing of locations using Plus Codes

Plus Codes
Android users can now share their location using Plus Codes in Google Maps. Pixabay

Google Maps app for Android has received a new update where users can share their locations using Plus Codes.

Google Maps has the option to show Plus Codes since August 2015. The new change, however, is aimed to expand Plus Codes usage by allowing users to easily share their locations.

A Plus Code is essentially a digital address and it’s derived from latitude and longitude coordinates. It can be generated for any location.

“The technology to generate Plus Codes is also open source, which means the technology is easy and free to use, so anyone can see how the technology works and develop their own applications for any use case,” David Martin, Director of Program Management, Google Maps, said in a statement on Friday.

Users will be able to tap on the blue dot representing their current location and get a Plus Code for it.

Plus Code
Users will be able to tap on the blue dot representing their current location and get a Plus Code for it. Wikimedia Commons

Alternatively, they can long tap on a spot to put a pin on it and get a code for that.

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Alongside the Plus Code, the application will also show other options including options to see nearby places, share your location and save your parking.

Once the app shows the Plus Code on the screen, one will be able to copy it just by tapping on it. Now, one will be able to share it among contacts by pasting it on apps like WhatsApp, Messages and more. (IANS)

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Windows 10: May 2020 Update Features Linux 2, latest Cortana updates

The May 2020 Update of Windows 10 contains feature improvements

Windows 10
Windows 10 May 2020 update is now live with built-in Linux and Cortana. Pixabay

The Windows 10 May 2020 Update has started to reach customers globally with features like Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 as well as latest Cortana updates.

The biggest under-the-hood change to the May 2020 Update is the inclusion of the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2), with a custom-built Linux kernel.

The Linux integration in Windows 10 will greatly improve the performance of Microsoft’s Linux subsystem in Windows.

“As the world and people’s routines change, it is important that we focus on meeting the over a billion people around the world relying on Windows where they are now,” the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

“The May 2020 Update comes with feature improvements that will help save you time and maybe even be a source of fun,” it added.

portable-Windows 10
The Cortana assistant has been updated with a new chat-based interface where one can either speak or type your requests. Pixabay

The Cortana assistant has been updated with a new chat-based interface where one can either speak or type your requests. The new and updated interface can be accessed from the Windows 10 taskbar.

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The update brings the popular Your Phone app’s Calls feature to ARM supported PCs from Microsoft and our OEM partners.

One will now place, receive, or text reply to incoming phone calls directly on PC without having Android phone right next to PC.

“With the Your Phone app, one can stay in flow by sending or receiving texts, checking notifications and getting instant access to Android phone’s photos and apps via computer’s large screen and keyboard,” said Microsoft. (IANS)