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Rewind 2020: Movies And Series Linked To Social And Political Issues

List of five movies and series revolving around social and political issues


With pandemic hitting this year we all have been confined to our homes, relaxing and watching all the possible content on OTT platforms. No matter what, this year’s OTT platform has been a boon to us. We have been using OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, and Zee5 to take a break from our work or distress by Binge-watching our favorite shows and movies.

It’s no secret that the genres related to social and political issues have a monopoly over the other related content in India. In the last 11 months of 2020, we have witnessed a few gripping movies and shows related to the above-mentioned genre.

There are certain series and movies that will not only make you smarter but will help you to develop a sense and know about your society, politics, and its working.

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Take a look back at a few movies and series released in 2020 connected to social and political issues.


movies and series
Movie- Laxmii. Pinterest

Genre: Social

Language: Hindi

Streaming on: Disney+Hotstar

Laxmii movie is directed by Raghava Lawerence starring Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani. The film speaks for the transgender community of our society. The movie stands for transgenders, their rights, and standard of living as normal people in society. It also normalizes the fact that it is completely normal to talk to transgenders and accept their choices.

Transparency: Pardarshita

Genre: Political

Language: Hindi

Streaming on: MX Player (Indians), Amazon Prime (UK, USA), (For others).

movies and series
Political Documentary series Transparency: Pardarshita.

Transparency: Pardarshita is a 7 episode Hindi political documentary series produced and Directed by Dr. Munish Raizada defining the untold truth of Indian Politics. The story of the documentary revolves around the common man and the chase of Chanda (Funds).

Durgamati- The Myth

Genre: Social and Political

Language: Hindi

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

Durgamati- The Myth starring Arshad Warsi and Bhumi Pednekar. The story revolves around a bureaucrat imprisoned in a haunted house for interrogation. However, things take an unexpected turn when she gets possessed by a spirit.


Genre: Social

Language: Hindi

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

Thappad movie starring Taapsee Pannu, Tanvi Azmi, Ratna Pathak Shah, and Kumud Mishra is based on the issue of Physical Abuse and how to deal with it. The movie states the unfair marital norms that our society doesn’t wish to raise a voice against. It brings to light the years of conditioning that a woman is subjected to by her own family and the society that she lives in.

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Code M

Genre: Social

Language: Hindi

Streaming on: ALT Balaji


movies and series
Web series Code M. Pinterest

Code M is the story of what happens when power is wielded by the crooked. A drama that takes a long hard look at the Indian Army and its biases. Code M follows Indian Army Lawyer Monica Mehra, who discovers a conspiracy while investigating a military encounter case. Her study brings forth several revelations that expose many Indian Army’s secrets and ethical wrongdoings.


Genre: Social

Language: Hindi

Streaming on: MX Player

Ashram web series is produced by Prakash Jha Productions. Starring Bobby Deol as Baba Nirala. The series is about a conman in the grab of godman. Ashram talks about how a circle is built around these godmen’s and how they are interlinked with politics. The web series also throws light on the unholy nexus between godmen and political leaders and how due to such politics the shady doings of the ashrams go unnoticed.



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