Ritual or Barbaric Tradition? The Inhumane custom of Baby-Dropping in Karnataka

Parts of Karnataka and Maharashtra practice the ritual of throwing babies off a 30-feet tower to bring good luck and joy

Baby throwing ritual. Image source: www.vishwagujarat.com
  • Different parts of India have different cultures and practice numerous rituals 
  • In Maharashtra and Karnataka, there is the ritual of throwing a baby from a 30 feet tower towards the ground
  • This ritual appears to have no logic whatsoever and apparently it is supposed to bring good luck

Religious dogmas are something that Ancient India strongly believes in. Even though the country is blessed with numerous cultures, there is no denying that it also brings with it bizarre traditions and inhumane practices. When rituals do not demand the application of simple logic, they become prejudices. One such prejudice is the system or ritual of throwing babies from a 30 feet tower to the ground.

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A priest dropping the baby from the tower. Image Courtesy : odditycentral.com
A priest dropping the baby from the tower. Image Source: odditycentral.com

The practice has been a regular sight in Karnataka and Maharashtra, both for Hindus and Muslims, since its inception about 700 years ago. Even though the ritual is local to a small part of India, the heinous nature of the ritual and the lack of mercy in the hearts of people have grabbed a lot of attention. Some believe that no matter how important a ritual is to a culture; such inhuman malpractices should be immediately banned. However, some bigots believe that a culture should have the freedom to carry on with its rituals and prejudices, irrespective of the nature of it, reported the allindiaroundup.com Website.

People ready to catch the infant. Image Courtesy: manicanworld.com
People ready to catch the infant. Image Source: manicanworld.com

The practice starts with the priests taking the babies and dropping them from the 30-feet tower. On the ground, there are people who stand along with an arrangement to catch the child and prevent him or her from directly hitting the floor. Then, they hand over the infant to his or her mother and the area bursts in celebrations. People believe that it is supposed to bring good luck and joy.

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According to allindiaroundup.com, in 2011, Maharashtra has aimed to put a ban on this practice but it did not work out well and the practice was resumed. It continues to be exercised at Baba Umer Dargah near Sholapur, Maharashtra & Sri Santeswar temple, Karnataka.

-This article is modified by Aitreyee Sengupta, an intern at NewsGram.