Royals takes a shot at making dosas

“It was very good and I would love to have one in our palace”

Kate Middelton and Prince William
Kate Middelton and Prince William, Wikimedia Commons

CHICAGO, IL — Prince William and Princess Catherine for the first time whipped up a perfectly crispy, tasty dosa (loved by millions), using the home version of a machine invented by a Bengaluru-based chief executive, Eshwar Vikas.

The young entrepreneur, 24, designed a commercial version for his company, Mukunda Foods, three years ago, and he was on hand to show the Royals how easy it is to use the home DosaMatic machine, which creates pancakes, crepes, dosas and even omelets.

Prince William stated “it was very good and I would love to have one in our palace” then the Duchess said “because you can also use it to make pancakes, the whole of London will want one.”

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Mukunda Foods and US-based partner Business Direct Group will be introducing to the world a brand new commercial DosaMatic at the upcoming NRA show to be held during May 21-24 at McCormick Place Chicago booth 8651 and at Northshore Banquet hall 2519 W Devon in Chicago on May 25.

This new machine will allow restaurateurs, caterers, temples, etc. to save on labor, earn higher profits and produce dosa instantly at just the push of a button.

While the home version of the DosaMatic is not available to the public as yet, pre-orders will be taken. A $100 deposit will give you a 50% discount when released to market this fall.

Attendance will be high so call with the time slot that you are planning to attend.
For more information visit or to schedule a demo call 773 453-7003 (IANS)