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‘Rudraksh’- Setting Up World-Class Convention Centre in Varanasi

Tourists can enjoy programs such as music, drama, and exhibitions held at this convention center

‘Rudraksh’, a world-class convention center, would come up soon in Varanasi, the parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which is slowly gaining centre stage. Soon tourists from abroad would be able to enjoy programs such as music, drama, and exhibitions held at this convention center.

Municipal Commissioner Gaurang Rathi said the friendship between Japan and India in Varanasi would further blossom with this wonderful gift which would be remembered by people all over the world. In 2015, Modi had visited Varanasi with former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and laid the foundation of this grand convention center. This convention center named ‘Rudraksh’ would show a glimpse of the wonderful and ancient city of Kashi. In this convention center, 108 grains of Rudraksha have been installed making it even taller.

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The cost of this convention center coming up in Varanasi spread over three acres is estimated at Rs 186 crore. The center would comprise a ground floor and a large hall starting right from the first floor accommodating 1,200 people while enjoying the program seated together on the word-class chairs brought from Vietnam. 120 cars could be parked in the basement area.

Special arrangements have also been made here for the differently-abled under which six wheelchairs each are available near both the entry and exit doors. A modern green room has also been built, including two conference halls and galleries, with a capacity of seating 150 people with the latest technological equipment.

Rudraksh Varanasi
Varanasi Smart City General Manager said that after Rudraksh is built, the project would be handed over to the smart cities. IANS

Japenese firm Fujita Corporation is undertaking all the work to set up ‘Rudraksh’ which is being funded by the Japanese company International Corporation Agency. This magnificent building has been designed by Japan-based Oriental Consultant Global. ‘Rudraksha’ would comprise a Japanese garden and a solar power plant installed with 110 KW. There are separate entrance doors for receiving VIPs.

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Modi would give a new gift to Varanasi in the coming year. The construction work for ‘Rudraksha’ had started during 2018 which would be completed by 2021.

In order to keep ‘Rudraksh’ air-conditioned, Italian appliances have been installed. It has received a third grading from the ‘Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment’ keeping in view its construction and use. ‘Rudraksh’ will have a strong security network, including cameras as well as special attention has been given to fire safety equipment.

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Resident Supervisor (Architect) Mitsugu Tomita said there are many similarities between the Japanese and Indian culture. ‘Rudraksh’ would further strengthen the relationship between the two countries. Varanasi Smart City General Manager said that after Rudraksh is built, the project would be handed over to the smart cities. (IANS)



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