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Samsung Discloses Solar-Charging Eco Remotes For Television

The remote has an energy-efficient circuit design that doesn't require to change the batteries

Samsung has unveiled solar-charging eco-friendly remotes made of recycled plastic for its latest lineup of smart TVs.

The Eco Remote Control looks like any of Samsung’s TV clickers from recent years. But flip it around and a long panel of solar cells that can charge the internal battery, reports The Verge.

The remote has an energy-efficient circuit design that doesn’t require to change the batteries.

Samsung says each remote lasts two years and is made with 28 percent recycled plastic (around 31g). It will also reduce tons of plastic waste per year and further its efforts to reduce its environmental impact.

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Apart from the solar-powered remotes, Samsung is also reducing the amount of ink it uses on the sides of its TV boxes and says those boxes can be repurposed into other household items like a cat house or toys for kids.

In addition, Samsung has unveiled its 2021 TV lineup, including a new Neo QLED TV using mini LED technology, as the South Korean tech giant looks to defend its status as the world’s leading TV vendor.

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Samsung’s Neo QLED TV made its debut at the First Look event ahead of Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021, along with new models of Micro LED and Lifestyle TVs. (IANS)



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