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Sherpa: A documentary that marks the 2014 Everest expedition Tragedy

A Sherpa on Everest. Image source: Wikipedia

Filmmaker  Jennifer Peedom brings a documentary film that captures the worst tragedy in the highest peak of the world and will keep the audience glued to their seats till the end. ‘Sherpa‘ a feature documentary tells the story of 2014 Everest expedition from the Sherpa’s point of view.

As many as 16 Sherpas, the native guides of Mt Everest died in an avalanche on 18th April 2014. The film focuses on the dangers and hardships the sherpas endure for every climbing season for the fractions of profits the expeditions and the Nepalese government makes at their expense.

“Getting hot towels and tea in the morning on Mt Everest is one of the most enticing feeling in this world” says Tim Medvetz, a mountaineer who prepares to climb Mt Everest. Praying for a safe ascent while their families anxiously await their returns, Sherpas pay their respect to the guards of the mountains.

Doing anything at this altitude can be risky and deadly but lavish summit expeditions designed to make the climb less extreme are the things that endanger the lives of the climbers and the Sherpas alike.

“I wish I had never climbed the mountain, said my father” says Norbu Tenzing Norgay, son of Tenzing Norgay the first ever Sherpa to climb Mt Everest. He says risks can be reduced if people aren’t carrying special machines, heaters and pads (for the clients to sleep comfortably).

poster of the film 'Sherpa' image source Google.
Poster of the film ‘Sherpa’. Image source: Wikipedia.

The documentary highlights the inequity in the cultural rift between the Sherpas who see the climb as a pilgrimage and the climbers who see it as a challenge. Despite the dangers, the Sherpas depend on the expedition. each make around $5000 a season whereas their farming counterpart makes $700 a year!

“The share ($70,000-100,000 each climber pays) goes to the businesses and the government” says Norbu Nogay. “But if you go back a number of years, when somebody died on the Everest, every sherpa was able to build a house, send kids to school and build a tea house, whereas these days it barely covers the cost of the funeral” he adds.

Area where 16 Nepali staffs were killed. Image source: Wikipedia

“16 people dying at the same time is a huge shock. One of them started to sink in the anger that distinctly pointed at the government, they feel that the government has always benefited of the labors of the Sherpas and never put anything back” says Dawa Steven Sherpa, expedition operator.

To try to get more control over their fate, they have started to by pass the climbing business and start their own expeditions, their goal is to keep their and the climber’s life safe if not comfortable on a mountain they revealed.

-by Vrushali Mahajan

Vrushali is pursuing her graduation in Journalism and is an intern at NewsGram. You can reach the author at twitter- Vrushali Mahajan 

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Spending Time with Little Ones: 10 Documentaries to Watch with Your Kids!

Watching Educational Documentaries With Your Kids Would Open Up The Relationship

Documentaries , kids
10 Documentaries to Watch with Your Kids. Pixabay
  • Classrooms are not enough anymore, children need to interact with the world with the education they get
  • some documentaries are Planet Earth (2006), Watermark  (2013), Miss Representation (2011), Revolution (2012)  and Paper Clips (2004)
  • These documentaries open up opportunities for discussions of various topics between the parents and their kids

June 25, 2017:

The best way to monitor the development of your child is through spending time with them. Children nowadays are so attracted towards the technological world that the education and morals they get in classrooms are not enough anymore. Therefore, someone who can help them understand things better should help them to deal with it in a better manner. Parents, spending time with their kids can open their relationship to have a two-way communication with their children, thus making their relationship stronger.

The best way to spend time with your kids is through technology and nothing works best like movies because they seem to learn so much from the movies. When you watch movies with your children, there is a possibility that your child will ask questions, because they want to know more and this type understanding or curiosity helps them in a positive manner, also influence them in making choices.


One can always start with documentaries because free streaming documentaries are present all over the internet and they are full of educational insights. Here is a list of 10 documentaries to watch online with your children:

  • Planet Earth (2006) – The Documentary Planet Earth collection is divided into 50 minute long Eleven episodes that are narrated by David Attenborough and consists of portraiture of wildlife habitat of animal world that prevails on earth. This can help the kids learn about the wildlife habitat and about the different animals that are in our biological sphere.
  • The Dream is Now (2013) – This Movie is based on Immigration reforms and talks about how political agendas affect all kinds of lives. This movie can help the kids develop an understanding about the world affairs and how it is significant to the people.
  • Watermark (2013) – This documentary would explain the children about the relationship of humankind with the water in 20 countries all over the globe. This would help them understand how we use the water on our planet and how can we save it for a sustainable future.
  • What’s on your plate? (2010) – This movie features two children asking questions to food activists and distributers to gain knowledge about nutrition and food politics. This would make your kids rethink about their own eating habits and have a healthy dinner plate.
  • Miss Representation (2011) – This movie is totally based on gender equality all over the world. It would teach the children to not discriminate anyone on basis of gender and respect everyone regardless of their gender.
  • Chasing Ice (2012) – Global warming is unarguably the hot topic in the global world and Chasing Ice opens up such discussions with time-lapse evidence on glaciers melting which also affects the polar wildlife. Your child would defiantly ask you about the ways to counter global warming.
  • Revolution (2012) – Revolution is based on the preservation of resources for the future generations and shifting to renewable sources so that the future generations would have hope of survival in their time. After this movie, you can discuss about the ways you can save natural resources and we need a revolution for the same.
  • Paper Clips (2004) – This movie deeply talks about the Hitler’s holocaust and the students of Whitwell take up in their hands to collect 6 million paperclips to represent the killing of 6 million Jews in the holocaust. This documentary entails on how not only students but adults and older people were also transformed by the experience. It would surely make an awesome topic for discussion of history and culture that has shaped the modern world.
  • Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey (2014) – With Neil deGrasse Tyson’s narration, Cosmos is a documentary made in 13 episodes explains most of space and time concepts with such elegant representation with the graphic images and videos. This would help you tell your child about things that are in deep space.
  • The Square (2013) – The square is one such documentary about the Egyptian revolution at the Tahrir Square in 2011. It features all the tools of modern communication such as phones, videos, and YouTube. This documentary would open up opportunities of discussions of topic around the world that raise questions on the political structure of any country.

– by Sumit Balodi of NewsGram. Twitter: @sumit_balodi

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Nepali Woman scales Mt Everest with the message to fight against human trafficking

Kanchhi Maya Tamang, a trafficking survivor with a message against human trafficking

Kathmandu, 21 May, 2017:A Nepali woman has scaled up Mt Everest with the message to fight against human trafficking, becoming the first to climb the worlds highest peak for women empowerment and gender equality, according to UN Women Nepal.

Kanchhi Maya Tamang, a trafficking survivor, has also become the first woman from the Tamang community of Nepal to summit Mt Everest.

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Tamang was seen holding a poster stating “We are people, not property” in an undated photograph taken on the mountain. She is herself a trafficking survivor, reported Himalayan Times.

Associated with UN Women, Tamang, along with Pemba Dorje Sherpa climbed Mt Everest with a message to “Fight Against Human Trafficking”, said Gyanendra Shrestha, a liaison officer in the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation.

Tamang was accompanied by 19 other climbers from Japan, Australia and India. (IANS)

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Arunachal Woman Anshu Jamsenpa scripts History by Unfurling Indian Flag at Mt. Everest for fourth time

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama had on April 2 this year flagged off the mountaineer's double ascent expedition from Guwahati in Assam

Mount Everest, Wikimedia

Itanagar: Arunachal Pradesh’s Anshu Jamsenpa on Tuesday scripted history of a sort by becoming the first Indian woman to scale the Mount Everest for the fourth time. She will attempt a double ascent to the world’s highest peak to make it a total five successful climbs.

Jamsenpa, a mother of two, started at 1.45 a.m. on May 13 for her climb and reached the Everest top at 9 a.m. on Tuesday to unfurl the national flag.
Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama had on April 2 this year flagged off the mountaineer’s double ascent expedition from Guwahati in Assam.
Jamsenpa scaled the Mount Everest twice in May 2011 and again scaled the peak on May 18 in 2013.

NewsGram brings to you latest new stories in India.

If she is successful with her double ascent this time, Jamsenpa will set a record five climbs of Mt Everest.

She started the summit expedition after 38 days of acclimatisation at the Everest Base Camp from April 4 to May 12.

“The good news is that she is absolutely well and fine and shall attempt a double expedition,” her spokesperson said.

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Jamsenpa spoke to officials at the Everest Base Camp and in Kathmandu over satellite phone from the world’s tallest peak after unfurling the tricolour and clicking testimonial photos.

Her health is stated to be perfectly fine and she is descending now to the base camp.

She acknowledged the support extended by State Bank of India, North Eastern Council, Numaligarh Refinery Limited, North Eastern Electric Power Corporation, Arunachal Pradesh government and all her previous associates for her success.

Jamsenpa is motivated and energised to try the double ascent if conditions remain favourable. (IANS)

NewsGram is a Chicago-based non-profit media organization. We depend upon support from our readers to maintain our objective reporting. Show your support by Donating to NewsGram. Donations to NewsGram are tax-exempt.