Six Things You Don’t Know About Dave Bautista, Drax Actor From Guardians Of Galaxy

We will tell you the top six lesser-known facts about Drax, aka Dave Bautista

Poster of Guardians of Galaxy. Wikimedia commons

Guardians of the galaxy is a famous American movie released in 2014. The movie gained a lot of attention due to its powerful storyline and characters. One of the most famous characters of this movie was Drax the destroyer. Prominent WWE wrestler Dave Bautista played this role. 

The actor’s decisive role in the movie, even after being a wrestler, surprised everyone. Dave Bautista’s fan following arose after this role. Everyone knows that he was a WWE wrestler before turning into an actor, but there are many unknown facts about Dave Bautista that are unknown to his fans. So, in this article, we will tell you the top six lesser-known facts about Drax, aka Dave Bautista. 

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List of 5 things that you should know about Dave Bautista: 

  • Dave has been married thrice:

Dave has been married multiple times and divorced his third wife Sarah Jade in 2019. Dave has indicated that his time on the road as a WWE star put a strain on his marriages that they couldn’t take, but he has also indicated that long periods of time on the road were not the sole cause for his marriages ending in divorce. His first wife was Glenda Bautista, who married in 1990 and had two daughters with her The couple divorced in 1998. The very same year Dave got married again, to Angie Bautista. The couple has a son together. The couple split in 2006. He married competitive pole dancer Sarah Jade in 2015, who was 18 years younger than him. The couple divorced in 2019 due to differences.

Actor Dave Bautista. Wikimedia commons
  • Dancing was also a part of Dave’s youth: 

We all have seen his acting and wrestling career. But do you know that he also had an interest in breakdancing? Yes, Dave Bautista, aka Drax, was a breakdancer before venturing into wrestling and acting. The actor reveals that when he was young, breakdancing was gaining momentum. He further revealed that he was so much surrounded by violence that he was looking for some escape. Therefore, Dave got attracted to breakdancing which helped him in making friends. 

Interestingly, Dave did not learn from any professional source or internet video (as there was no internet then). Dave told in an interview that dancing moves were fun in the street and could make a person cool. Therefore, he started learning breakdancing from fellow kids. 

He did not give up breakdancing, even after beginning his career in wrestling. This is evident from the 2004 WWE promotion where he showed his moves. 

  • He left wrestling in 2010 to make an acting career: 

We all know his success in acting career from his role as Drax, the Destroyer in Guardians of the galaxy. But we hardly know the struggles that preceded this success. Dave Bautista reveals that to choose an acting career, he had to leave his wrestling career altogether. It was a tough decision because he had established himself as one of the finest wrestlers in WWE. He had won so many Championships and WrestleMania that it was tough for him to bid a farewell to this stardom as a wrestler for pursuing an acting career. 

But finally, he took the initiative and left the wrestling career in 2010 to pursue his passion for acting. He was not sure what result his decision would bring, but he was determined to try. When asked about the reason for this tough decision in the ‘Hawksbee and Radio show’ interview, he revealed that he wanted to become an excellent actor. He knew that aging would anyway impact his wrestling career. As the contract terms of wrestling denied him from taking an alternative career, he was compelled to leave wrestling altogether in 2014.

The actor’s decisive role in the movie, even after being a wrestler, surprised everyone. Wikimedia commons
  • Beginning of his acting career and his nervousness during the auditions of ‘Drax the Destroyer

Although his present popularity is credited to his role as Drax the destroyer, it was not the beginning of his acting career. He had made his first appearance in a DC show. Dave Bautista was first seen in 2006 in the Superman series Smallville as Aldar. At this time, he was still a top WWE champion. His role as Aldar was a short one. In the series, He was trapped by Jor-El, but he got freedom due to Clark Kent and was later killed by the manhunter. 

Another exciting thing about his acting career is that he was nervous when he was giving auditions. Although it was not the first time that he was giving auditions, however, the project being a huge one made him nervous. Since he was still learning in acting, he did want to lose this significant project. This feeling made him a little nervous during the auditions. 

  • Dave wouldn’t be seen after the third volume of Guardians of the galaxy

If the role of ‘Drax the Destroyer’ is the reason for you to watch Guardians of the Galaxy, then there’s shocking news for you, as revealed by Dave Bautista. He confirmed that he wouldn’t be playing this role after volume three of the movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy. He revealed that there would be a story change in volume three of the ‘Guardians of the galaxy, and the character of Drax would most probably end in Volume three. So, he wouldn’t be seen in Guardians of the galaxy after the end of the third volume. 

Dave Bautista left his wrestling career in 2010. Wikimedia commons

He further told the media that even if Drax’s character exists in the show, he wouldn’t be playing because, by that time, he would become fifty-four years old, and he doesn’t know whether he would be able to play by then or not. 

  • Dave Bautista supported James Gunn (the director of the movie) when he was fired:

Dave Bautista might be a villain in movies, but in reality, he never lets anyone face any injustice. When the director of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn, was fired due to some tweets, Dave came in his support. He even said that he wouldn’t play his role if James Gunn is not called back. Not only on sets, but in the media also, Dave Bautista supported James Gunn and said that if he does not defend his friends, he will lose the very basis of his personality.’ He had revealed this thing in the media many times that friendship is more important for him than his career. 

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  • Dave likes to collect steel lunch boxes

Here’s an additional lesser-known fact about Dave, i.e. Bautista likes collecting steel boxes to revive his memories. In an interview, he revealed that he loves collecting these cartoon, superhero steel lunch boxes because they make him nostalgic. 

Rounding up: 

So, in this article, we told you six unknown facts about Drax the destroyer, aka Dave Bautista. He might look like a complex person, but these facts reveal some surprising cute things about the actor. Stay tuned to know more such unknown facts about your favorite characters.

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