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Sri Lankan 2007 Sex ring in Haiti reveals cracks in UN system, the Country refuses to allow Investigations into alleged civil war atrocities

Colombo (Sri Lanka), May 25, 2017: An investigation revealed that the U.N. deployed thousands of Sri Lankan peacekeepers despite concerns over the country’s human rights record.

Sri Lanka refuses to allow independent investigations into alleged civil war atrocities. It only recently said it investigated fewer than two dozen of the 134 peacekeepers implicated in a Haiti child sex ring in 2007. The AP found that no one was prosecuted, despite testimonial evidence from nine child victims in the case, mentioned AP report.

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When a Haitian teenager said she’d been raped by a Sri Lankan peacekeeper in 2013, Sri Lanka sent a general accused of war crimes to investigate. He never spoke with the victim but cleared the soldier.

U.N. officials said they are sometimes so desperate for peacekeepers they rely on countries they otherwise wouldn’t.

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