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To become a GM, a player has to secure three GM norms and cross the live rating of 2,500 Elo points

Fourteen-year-old Bharath Subramaniyam on Sunday became India's 73rd chess Grandmaster, after completing his third and final GM norm at Vergani Cup Open in Italy. Subramaniyam scored 6.5 points from nine rounds along with four others to finish seventh overall in the event. He secured his third GM norm here and also touched the requisite 2,500 (Elo) mark. Notably, to become a GM, a player has to secure three GM norms and cross the live rating of 2,500 Elo points. The All India Chess Federation (AICF) also congratulated the teenager on his feat.

selective focus photography of chess pieces The All India Chess Federation (AICF) congratulated the teenager on his feat. | Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

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The 12-year-old Abhimanyu Mishra is the youngest chess GM in the world.

Even as the chess world is raising a toast for the 12-year-old Abhimanyu Mishra, an Indian origin American for becoming the youngest GM in the world, there are two Tamil Nadu connections and a Maharashtra connection for that achievement.

For it was Grandmaster's (GM) Arun Prasad Subramanian, Magesh Chandran Panchanathan, and his wife Anuprita Patil from Maharashtra -- all settled now in the US -- who had shaped Abhimanyu's chess career. Interestingly it was Subramanian's pep talk to Abhimanyu minutes before the last round at the chess tournament in Budapest in Hungary that helped in setting up a new record.

"While on a video call, I found Abhimanyu's face lacked the usual cheerfulness. At that point, I told him about the fame and shame that would result if he wins that round. The rhyming words brought a smile on his face and he went on to win the game," Subramanian told IANS. With his win, Abhimanyu who had earlier became the youngest International Master in 2019, erased the 19-year-old record held by Russian GM Sergey Karjakin as the youngest chess GM. Be that as it may, the making of the GM Abhimanyu is the result of his dedication and hard work since the age of five, his father Hemant Mishra's dedication and belief in his son, and also the work of his coaches.

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"Hemant, an IT sector employee, came to us when Abhimanyu was four or five years old. What surprised us was Hemanta's commitment. It was a 45- minute drive from his home to our coaching center one way. And after one hour of coaching, it will be again a long drive back home," said Panchanathan, who runs the Kings and Queens Chess Academy in New Jersey. Initially, Abhimanyu was coached by Panchanathan's wife Anuprita Patil. After seeing his rapid progress, Abhimanyu came under Panchanathan's fold.

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Robert Katende and Phiona Mutesi, Source: VOA

Katwe, Uganda, Mar 21, 2017: Fourteen years ago, Robert Katende started a chess club for the disadvantaged children in the slums of Kampala. Today, the program attracts hundreds of kids in three hundred locations across Uganda.

In an interview with the VOA, Katende said, “I had never imagined what it has turned out to be because all that i was doing was looking out to how best i can empower these kids, and help the realise their full potential.”

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Chess, Wikimedia

New Delhi, Jan 16, 2017: Top seeded GM Farrukh Amonatov of Tajikistan won the 15th Parsvnath Delhi International Chess tournament after settling for a quick draw with GM Diptayan Ghosh in the 10th and final round that concluded here.

Scoring 8.5 points out of a possible ten, Amanotov stayed a half point ahead of Ghosh and Dzhumaev Marat of Uzbekistan who both tied for the second spot on eight points but the former was declared the runners up based on his better tiebreak.

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