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As per the man, his wife had developed an illicit relationship with a man, living nearby their house. | Unsplash

High drama was witnessed in Kanpur Dehat for over an hour when a man, upset over his wife's alleged affair with a local man, climbed the tower with his children and threatened to commit suicide. The incident took place on Monday near Gandhi Nagar in Akbarpur, when the man threatened to commit suicide after throwing his kids down from a height of nearly 40-feet. Chaos prevailed around the area and the locals informed the police that rushed to the spot.

After about half-an-hour of convincing, the police managed to bring him and his children down. The man told the police that his wife's affair was going on with his neighbor. He had complained to the police, but no action was taken. Police said that as per the man, his wife had developed an illicit relationship with a man, living nearby their house. "As per the man, in his absence, his neighbor visited his house often. He said that he had reprimanded his neighbor many times, but to no avail," said the police.

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HUH are expected to be Elon’s next favorite crypto.

When the World Wide Web first launched in the public domain in 1993, it would have been puzzling to think that the Internet would become so pivotal to running society that Internet currencies would be created, because people stopped trusting banks. Or perhaps it would have been even more unfathomable to think that, when Dancing Baby first went viral in 1996, that these Internet currencies would depend upon such memes for their value. Well, it’s 2022 now, and two thirds of Gen Z believe that investing in crypto will make them millionaires. And they’re not wrong.

Meme coins are notoriously volatile because they’re so reliant on community sentiment and external influences such as celebrity tweets. While financial advisors warn investors that meme coins are high-risk for that reason, crypto enthusiasts see this as an opportunity to manipulate the market in their favour. Baby Doge’s predecessor, Shiba Inu (SHIB), made its investors rich within a year as it exploded 49,000,000% in value within 12 months. The boom was attributed to its platform, ShibaSwap, as well as relentless Twitter activity from its loyal community, dubbed ‘Shiba Army’.

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A cooperative to sell forest produce. | Unsplash

A group of tribal women from the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu has opened a cooperative to sell forest produce as part of their entrepreneurship. The Nelakottai Kattunayakan Women's Cottage industry cooperative was formed at Achutham moola at Kottayimedu, Nellakottai on January 21. Presently, honey is the main product that is being sold through the cooperative. Women procure honey from men who source it from the forest, and then give it to the cooperative. Four varieties of honey are being sold from the cooperative at a fair price. Other produce like yams, ginger, wild turmeric, wild amla, and medicinal herbs are being harvested and will be sold through the women cooperative.

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Build a community of art lovers - handicraft importers of Germany with exporters from Kashmir. | Unsplash

Jammu and Kashmir is ready to showcase its potential through government initiatives for a necessary boost to the handicrafts sector in the post-pandemic world. Starting with export promotion in Germany, the Director Handicrafts and Handloom Kashmir, Mahmood Ahmad Shah held an extensive web meeting with Dr Suyash Chavan Consulate General of India (CGI), Germany.

The online meeting exclusively evaluated the scope of developing end-to-end export linkages to provide quality handicraft products of Kashmir to the German Market along with the rest of Europe. Since the beginning of the century, numerous German delegations, like the Indo-German Export Promotion have visited the valley with a keen interest in the handicrafts, especially Kashmiri carpets, which have immense potential in Europe. Germany is the largest consumer of Kashmir carpets and in addition imports Chain Stitch, Papier-mache, and Walnut furniture from Kashmir. The country's cold winters make it an ideal destination for the use of Kashmiri shawls, rugs and carpets.

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