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Photo by Onkarphoto on Unsplash.

A Hindu sadhu sits besides a holy trishul.

From the brutal second wave of the pandemic to the oppressive acts of the Taliban regime, Indians and fellow Hindus have suffered a lot in this tumultuous year. To add more suffering to the Hindu's, a bunch of so-called liberals, social activists, researchers, university professors, etc. have organized an international conference against the Hindu community.

" Dismantling Globa Hindutva " as the conference is named, is a virtual congregation of anti-national, anti-Hindu, anti-semitic, pro-Jihadi elements. The organizers who remain staunch on staying anonymous have stated that the conference aims at scrutinizing what Hindutva is, says and does with regard to a wide range of topics, from caste to political economy, to gender and sexuality, and more.

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A woman burns incense during a mass funeral for Yazidi victims of the Islamic State group in the northern Iraqi village of Kojo in Sinjar district.

When Lamiya Haji Bashar, 23, was trying to escape Islamic State (IS) captivity, she lost her sight in a landmine explosion that also scarred her face.

Bashar was 16 when IS militants rampaged through the Iraqi town of Sinjar in 2014, killing thousands of Yazidi men and forcing young women into sex slavery. The United Nations has called the onslaught a campaign of genocide against the Kurdish religious minority.

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Wikimedia Commons

A game of chicken - US and Afghan troops take back road held by Taliban.

By Ken Bredemeier

The U.S. is "watching with deep concern" as Taliban insurgents take control of more and more territory in Afghanistan while American forces are quickly returning home under President Joe Biden's withdrawal orders, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Sunday.

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Wikimedia commons

The meeting was co-chaired by Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

A Global Coalition to Defeat IS (Islamic State) has said that although nearly eight million people have been freed from the terror group's control in Iraq and Syria, it still remains a threat. "IS no longer controls territory and nearly eight million people have been freed from its control in Iraq and Syria, but the threat remains," said a joint communique issued on Monday after a meeting of the Ministers of the Coalition concluded in Rome.

"The resumption in IS activities and its ability to rebuild its networks and capabilities to target security forces and civilians in areas in Iraq and Syria where the Coalition is not active requires strong vigilance and coordinated action," it said. This was the first time the Coalition members came face-to-face after two years. The Coalition acknowledged that it also needed "to address the drivers that make communities vulnerable to recruitment by IS and related violent ideological groups, as well as to provide support to liberated areas to safeguard our collective security interests".

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