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Eating to much sugar can lead to microbiome. Pixabay

Eating too much fat and sugar as a child can alter your microbiome for life, even if you later learn to eat healthier, a new study suggests. The microbiome refers to all the bacteria as well as fungi, parasites, and viruses that live on and inside a human or animal.

Most of these micro-organisms are found in the intestines, and most of them are helpful, stimulating the immune system, breaking down food, and helping synthesize key vitamins, the researchers said in the mice-based study.

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Most of the food astronauts eat is either freeze dried or vacuum packed. Sometimes it is turned into a powdered form and put in pouch similar to the way a lot of baby food now comes in a pouch. Astronauts then add water and simply suck it out of the pouch. Unsplash

Gut microbes have immense benefit and now, new research reports that promoting a healthy gut microbiome could protect travelers from the rigours of long space travel.

If humans are to ever walk on Mars, they will need to endure a long space flight, but space travel can have negative impacts on health, potentially limiting how far we can go.

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Parents, it is time to check the quality of their food as microbiome in the gut plays a key role in deciding kids' behaviour. Pixabay

Parents, according to a latest health news if your kids throw attitude and do not listen to you despite repeated warnings at home, it is time to check the quality of their food as microbiome in the gut plays a key role in deciding kids’ behaviour, a novel study has found.

The study of early school-aged children (in the age group of 5-7) showed a connection between the bacteria in their gut and their behaviour, said researchers, adding that parents play a key role in their kids’ microbiome beyond the food they provide.

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