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As Guruji did not waver, the qazi ordered the executioner to behead him. This act of martyrdom led to a reawakening across the nation. Wikimedia commons

In Indian history, Guru Shri Tegh Bahadurs’ personality shines resplendent like a bright constellation. He was born in Amritsar to Guru Hargobindji and Nankiji on Krishna Panchami in the Baisakhi month. As per the Nanakshahi calendar, Guru Tegh Bahadurs’ 400th birth anniversary falls on May 1 this year. Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji was born into a tradition that challenged Mughals of Central Asia that had occupied vast tracts of Indian territory. He is a symbol of tenacity, sacrifice and his life is a wonderful example of physical and mental valor.

In fact, Shri Tegh Bahadur’s life stands out as one of the greatest experiments in character-building. By reining in one’s negative instincts, even ordinary men can follow the path of dharma. Those who are trapped in the chakravyuha of blasphemy, avarice, and pride cannot remain stable in crisis.

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