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Factors beyond ovulation that can help in getting pregnant. Pixabay

Ovulation is a subject of reproductive health that is often surrounded by myths, unverified information, and fiction. While there are factors beyond ovulation that can help in getting pregnant, ovulation plays an important role in successful conception. Not knowing about your fertile window, tracking, and predicting ovulation days can be challenging for desirous couples to get pregnant.

Kshitiz Murdia, CEO and Co-Founder of Indira IVF explains it all:

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Coloring your hair does not mean that you can never have its natural color back. Pixabay

People change the color of their tresses quite often. Hair color has the power to alter your personality and make you feel like a whole other person altogether. But whether it’s about covering those pesky greys or experiment with new hair color, there are several myths around hair coloring. Sameer Hamdare, Zonal Technical Manager, Streax Professional speaks to IANSlife to burst the myths and shares the facts about hair coloring.

Myth: If you color your hair once, you have to keep coloring it.

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Clearing the myths related to hair transplantation. Pinterest

That a hair transplant procedure is as painful as any other surgical process is a myth, points out Dr. Pradeep Sethi, Hair Transplant Surgeon at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi and Managing Director Eugenix Hair Sciences. Many people think that the procedure might result in regular headaches or migraines which is also untrue, clears Dr. Arika Bansal, Hair Transplant surgeon, AIIMS New Delhi.

IANSlife spoke to the experts who bust all the myths around hair transplant and point to the facts. Read on:

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Going Vegan is economical. Pixabay

The growing towards conscious eating habits, backed by health benefits is set to drive Veganism as a way of life in the days to come. But being a vegan, one often faces questions about their diet.

It’s important to remember Veganism is not a diet or fad but a social justice movement for animals. To start with, vegans are those who do not use animal products or even by-products such as eggs, dairy products, honey, leather, fur, silk, cosmetics. Individuals who prefer to be vegan choose food that does not exploit animals.

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