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The richest 1% had more money than the poorest 90%.

By Sanjeev Sharma

Since the epidemic began, the number of billionaires in Asia Pacific has increased dramatically. According to Oxfam's new research, it reached 1,087 in November 2021, up about a third from pre-crisis levels.

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I simply become one of many that felt the backlash of yet another scam rumour and a decrease in value.

Ever get the feeling that the whispers on the internet are true? And that the misspelt, poor grammatical endeavour and sheer disregard to the laws of syntax Reddit posts, could, in fact, be on to something? That the cryptocurrency market is nothing but a new wheel spin for the sickeningly rich to benefit from the hopeful?

Me too, and that’s why, when I became a presale holder of HUH Token and Safemoon I was less than thrilled with what went down… but you might be shocked by what I mean by that statement.

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A richer clothing can help you look more competent. Lifetime Stock

People tend to instantly judge others as more competent if they come dressed in “richer” clothing, says a study that warned that such economic cues are hard to ignore.

In nine studies conducted by researchers, people rated the competence of faces wearing different upper-body clothing.

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‘Crime Patrol’ anchor Annup Sonii, who once basked in the cultural glory of Delhi’s Mandi House and performed in its popular auditoriums as a drama student, finds it thrilling to act in the area as a professional actor now.

Annup, 44, will be seen in the national capital for a theatre production ‘Ballygunge 1990’, directed by Atul Satya Koushik and presented by the Film and Theatre Society.

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