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The Aruba villa has great interiors, an outdoor facility, amazing bedrooms, clean bathrooms and huge living space.

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Taking out time for family has become very difficult as people are pretty busy in daily life and find very little time to spend with their loved ones. Planning a family vacation is an excellent way through which the whole family can step away from their daily life and have fun. You can find many destinations for a family vacation, but there is no place that can beat Aruba.

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A French-styled terrace lounge in Pondicherry

South India's diversity is outdone by the beauty of Pondicherry. One of the important heritage cities in the peninsula, it is a place that had held fast to the French influence that came to it in the 18th century.

Pondicherry was a place of constant acquisition by the French and the British. Being close to the coast, it was easy for these European powers to enter the city for trade purposes. Before long, they had a sway over the people to the extent of influencing their language and culture. Today, it is known as one of the havens of the Indians of French origin, or the remnants of the French East India Company.

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