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Terror Strikes Again: Terrorist gets captured Alive in the Gunbattle at a Dhaka Restaurant

Commandos barged in Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka and rescued at least 12 hostages who were trapped by the militants

Police assist an injured man Image Source:
  • The gunbattle in Dhaka has come to an end, killing six gunmen and capturing one
  • Armed gunmen stormed in the bakery at around 9 p.m. local time on Friday, taking nearly 20 hostages
  • Another Hindu priest was attacked today morning in Satkhira Sadar Upazila area of Bangladesh

The gunbattle in Dhaka has ended after security personnel have killed six gunmen and captured one terrorist alive at a popular restaurant in Gulshan area, near Dhaka today, July 2.

Commandos barged in Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka and rescued at least 12 hostages who were trapped by the militants.

Armed gunmen stormed in the bakery and opened fire at around 9 p.m. local time in the restaurant and took nearly 20 hostages.

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According to report in India Today, though the gunbattle between terrorists and armed forces has been stopped, the commandos are still inside the restaurant.

Islamic State, which has claimed the attacks has posted photos of what it said were dead foreigners.

It has alleged that 24 people had died. However, Bangladesh police has denied it and claimed that two police officers had been killed and at least 20 people wounded.

Police gather after gunmen attacked the Holey Artisan restaurant Image Source:Reuters
Police gather after gunmen attacked the Holey Artisan restaurant Image Source:Reuters

Quoting a source as saying, a leading webloid said that nearly 10 armed unidentified persons charged into the restaurant and opened fire indiscriminately.

The hostage crisis could possibly incur a major damage to the country’s vital $25 billion garment sector, owing to a recent spate of murders claimed by Islamic State and al Qaeda on liberals, gays, foreigners and religious minorities.

Considering the nature of these attacks, Dhaka is put on alert. All residents have been asked to stay indoors.

Meanwhile, another Hindu priest was attacked today morning in Satkhira Sadar Upazila area of Bangladesh.

The victim has been admitted to the hospital and is believed to be in a critical condition.

Unidentified assailants attacked Bhabasindhu Bor, priest of local Sree Radha Govinda temple in Brahmarajpur village.

Reportedly, the accused immediately fled the scene.

Earlier, priests Shaymanonda Das, 45, and Ananda Gopal Ganguly, 70, were hacked to death by three unidentified men.

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Apparently, Bangladesh has witnessed a spike in suspected Islamist attacks in the last two years. Its victims have primarily been bloggers, online activists, secular intellectuals, and members of religious minorities.

Previously, Amnesty International has also demanded a thorough and impartial investigation into these gory incidents and proclaimed that the government should “protect those still under threat.”

The group added, “In the current climate of impunity, increasing numbers of people have reported facing threats that the authorities have repeatedly failed to address.”

While the government has been denying Islamic state’s presence in the country, the group has been establishing its stronghold by perpetuating violence in the capital and the nearby areas.

-This report is compiled by a staff-writer at NewsGram.



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Islamic State Using Women, Children as Human Shields to Postpone Defeat

In the meantime, U.S. officials have been talking with other members of the coalition about increasing their help as U.S. troops prepare to leave.

Islamic State
FILE - U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters sit atop a hill in the desert outside the village of Baghuz, Syria, Feb. 14, 2019. VOA

Fighters and families with the Islamic State terror group are clinging to one last sliver of land next to the Euphrates River in Syria, using women, children and possible hostages as human shields in an effort to postpone defeat.

Human rights observers and officials with the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces say IS followers have been pushed out of the eastern Syrian village of Baghuz and taken refuge in what they describe as a collection of tents. Various officials have described the size of the camps as covering less than one square kilometer.

But efforts by the SDF to deal a final defeat to the terror group’s self-declared caliphate have been slowed due to the presence of the civilians, and efforts to negotiate a surrender have also gone nowhere.

Islamic State, Donald Trump
President Donald Trump speaks in the Rose Garden at the White House, Feb. 15, 2019. VOA

Speaking at the White House on Friday, U.S. President Donald Trump said, “We have a lot of great announcements having to do with Syria and our success with the eradication of the caliphate and that’ll be announced over the next 24 hours and many other things.”

In Munich, the top U.S. defense official offered a cautious assessment.

“We have eliminated the group’s hold on over 99 percent of the territory it once claimed as part of its so-called caliphate,” acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan said during a Friday news conference with his German counterpart at the Munich Security Conference.

“We have ensured ISIS no longer holds the innocent people of Syria or Iraq in their murderous, iron fist,” he said, using an acronym for the terror group. “We have destroyed its ability to mass forces, and we have eliminated most of its leadership and significantly diminished its resources.”

Islamic State
FILE – Acting U.S. Secretary of Defense Pat Shanahan holds a news conference in Brussels, Belgium, Feb. 14, 2019. VOA

‘Despicable and ghastly acts’

Coalition officials Thursday described SDF efforts in and around Baghuz as “clearance operations,” warning that IS fighters had become so desperate that they were shooting at their wives and children as they sought to flee.

“These utterly despicable and ghastly acts further illustrate their barbaric nature and desperation,” Operation Inherent Resolve Deputy Commander, British Maj. Gen. Christopher Ghika, said in a statement.

“The end of the physical caliphate is at hand,” he added.

Some IS followers appear to have given up.

Monitors with the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said about 240 IS fighters surrendered this past week. The U.S.-led coalition and an SDF commander contacted by VOA could not confirm the claim.

They said the SDF also evacuated about 700 people, mostly women and children, from the terror group’s refuge outside Baghuz on Thursday, taking them by cars and trucks to secured areas away from the front.

Islamic State, Syria
FILE – Women and children fleeing from the last Islamic State group’s tiny pocket in Syria sit in the back of a truck near Baghuz, eastern Syria, Feb. 11, 2019. VOA

The SDF itself says over the past several weeks, tens of thousands of civilians have fled from IS.

But they say about 300 hardened IS fighters, many of them foreign, still remain, willing to fight to the death. And some SDF commanders say more civilians are being brought to the tent city, apparently from underground tunnels.

Observers late Thursday reported a resumption of shelling by the SDF and coalition forces, saying it appeared to be another attempt to convince the remaining IS holdouts to give up.

IS threat to remain

Still, even once the last pocket of IS-held territory is taken, U.S. and coalition officials warn the fight will not be over.

Top U.S. military officials have warned the terror group still has 20,000 to 30,000 followers, including fighters, spread across Syria and Iraq. And they worry about the ability of their Syrian partners, in particular, to keep IS in check once U.S. troops withdraw under plans announced by Trump.

The commander of all U.S. forces in the Middle East, Central Command Commander Gen. Joseph Votel, told CNN on Friday he disagreed with Trump’s decision to call for U.S. forces to leave.


Islamic state, Syria
FILE – U.S. Gen. Joseph Votel, top U.S. commander in the Middle East, speaks to reporters during an unannounced visit to a military outpost in southern Syria, Oct. 22, 2018. VOA

“It would not have been my military advice at that particular time. … I would not have made that suggestion, frankly,” he said. “[The caliphate] still has leaders, still has fighters, it still has facilitators, it still has resources, so our continued military pressure is necessary to continue to go after that network.”

In the meantime, U.S. officials have been talking with other members of the coalition about increasing their help as U.S. troops prepare to leave. But so far, other coalition members, many of whom have no troops on the ground in Syria, have been unwilling to make any specific commitments.

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“I think there’s a tremendous desire to have a security arrangement or mechanism that doesn’t result in a security vacuum. What that is … is still being developed,” a senior defense official said Friday on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference.

“We’ve been pretty clear that this is going to be a deliberate withdrawal,” the official added. “There’s a timeline associated with that that’s conditions-based. We’ve said publicly on a number of occasions that it will be here in months, not weeks and not years.” (VOA)