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Top 5 Cell Phones on Amazon

Mobile phones are like that messenger which brings good news and glory to all yet can be the cause of the catastrophe that you invited all along.

Smartphone. Flickr

Man has always been a social animal, from the ancient era of communication through sign languages till date Wireless, it had been worth the journey. Nostalgia does make us feel charmed but lets not waste it when Amazon offers you the best of cell phones that you truly deserve to have. From verbal to non-verbal communication, ecstasy to sorrow this little non-human assistant of us can do miracles for the morrow.

Essential phone in Halo Grey- 128GB Unlocked Titanium & Ceramic phone with an edge-to-edge display

When avant-garde shook hands with technology and trend, out came this gentle beast from the makers of android, the Essential phone has all the features you care about most without a bunch of gimmicks. A large edge-to-edge display, 128GB of storage, all day battery life, fast charging and more. It’s sophisticated. It’s simple. And it’s yours.

  • More screen, less phone: The biggest screen to body ratio of any phone! With a stunning 5.71’’ edge-to-edge Quad HD display, you get a large screen in a phone that still fits comfortably in one hand.
  • 13MP dual RGB along with a mono rear camera with Portrait mode and 4K video recording. Get the best of natural shots and enjoy with incredible high resolution video.
  • 3040 mAH to fuel your activity round the clock and 128GB internal storage to carry them all along. Long gone the headaches of NO SPACE DISPLAY!
  • Wireless charger at its best. No cables. No adapters. Just rest your phone and let science and technology take care of it with the latest Click connector operated by magnetic lines of force. No fear of leakage. Fast charging and you can party when you wake up.
It’s sophisticated. It’s simple.
  • Android Oreo 8.1 and Alexa to cater all your needs with brilliant yet optimised performance with a smile will only leave you asking for more!
  • Revolutionary MQA technology to serve treat for your ears along with a 90 days Tidal Hifi subscription for all those new and existing customers to make the most of thousands of MQA tracks available.
  • Amazon offer price on this model is $419.12(only phone) or $530.69(along with 360 degree camera).

Samsung Galaxy S8 unlocked 64GB- US version Midnight Black- US warranty

Amazon’s choice under cell phones from Samsung brand surely has a reason worth it. The revolutionary design of the Galaxy S8 begins from the inside out. Deducing every part of the phone’s layout to break through the confines of the smartphone screen so that all you see is pure content and no bezel. It’s the biggest screen on Galaxy smartphone ever built and it’s pretty easy to hold in a hand and play.

  • Infinite Display: Beyond the bezel with an infinite display sets a new standard for uninterrupted, immersive experiences. It enables an expanded screen size without necessitating a larger phone. So while the view is grander, Galaxy S8 feels small in your hand, making them easy to hold and use.
  • The big screen that feels small along with a comfortable grip of smooth curves, that allow you to hold the cell when it matters the most. Shortcuts along the edge just to sweep when needed.
  • The soothing silhouette that compliments both front and rear eyes deep seated for the moment but also providing a visually tranquil experience for the user who gazes amidst the varieties.
It enables an expanded screen size without necessitating a larger phone. Flickr
  • IP68- Water Resistant in up to 5ft of water for up to 30 mins. With a battery of 3000mAh and the availability of fast charging, this is one device to serve you night and day. Feather light weight of just 152g, play and party round the clock and when you get tired just plug her into wireless fast charging and wake up in the morning to find it’s ready for you.
  • For all who value privacy, this cell is unlocked and portable with any valid GSM connection along with external memory worth 256GB to capture all you wish to!
  • Amazon offer price $499.99. Just grab it and live the amazing things you truly deserve.

Honor 7x factory unlocked phone with 5.93’’ screen- 32GB-Black (US warranty)

How does it feels to use luxury at half the price! Awesome, isn’t it! Honor offers you the same that too at an affordable price of $199.99 with all those latest features and technology which were only available in all those branded cell with double the price.

  • Honor 7x offers you 3GB RAM along with 32GB internal storage for the smooth running of your precious phone. You can play Asphalt or brace your patience with a crossword, Honor will provide you with the best you deserve.
  • With a 5.93’’ display along with 82.9% screen-to-body ratio and 18:9 long aspect ratio, Honor provides you with the elegant viewing experience that too amidst the traditional display size. Split screen display prevails enhanced multi-tasking options for all that is supported. Edge-to-Edge all screen design along with 2160*1080 FHD+ resolution provides you with the ultimate viewing experience.
  • Honor consists of the first in class dual camera with 16MP+2MP rear lens and 8MP front lens. Fitted with beauty mode for enhanced selfie capture and providing the best image solutions for your special clicks. You can use palm gesture to activate the camera while taking a selfie and in built shake reduction and anti-blur measures just make sure that you deserve the best of it.
Honor consists of the first in class dual camera with 16MP+2MP rear lens and 8MP front lens. Flickr
  • Advanced security features like rear mounted fingerprint sensor lock. In case of emergency, when your cell would play the most crucial role, just one touch and your phone pops into action.
  • With a battery power worth 3340 mAh and the power saving 16nm Kirin 659 chipset, this cell can tolerate more than your patience. Play, party, record, stream and all you can think of and you shall have the best of performance Honor thinks you deserve truly.
  • This cell is truly made for the geek cum multi tasker who believes in saving some extra bucks by compromising on brand Tag and embracing quality.
  • Available in BLACK from Amazon at an offer price of just $199.99 using Amazon Coupons

Huawei Mate SE Factory unlocked 5.93’’- 4GB/64GB octa-core processor| 16MP+2MP dual camera| GSM only| GREY & US warranty

Where communications supports connectivity, HUAWEI manifested. The 6th largest IT company in the world and service provider brings you the best of cell phones through Huawei Mate SE. Though humble in size yet dazzling in appearance, armed with the latest of technicalities and features, this cell is a must for all who want brand and quality but in an affordable bargain.

  • The Mate SE features a compact 5.93’’ display yet has the luxury of incredible edge-to-edge view along with a screen-to-body ratio of 18:9 all-in-all to provide you with the best of the viewing experience.
  • Huawei also offers the luxury of a rear dual lens of 16MP+2MP along with portrait mode not only to beauty your looks but also enhancing the unflawed you.
  • Next level performance with Octa-core processor and Kirin 659 chipset, which powers Huawei’s inbuilt EMUI 5.1 mobile OS(analogue of Android 7).
  • 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage to support the thirst of your inquisitive mind for there are no more fear of NO MEMORY.
The 6th largest IT company in the world and service provider brings you the best of cell phones through Huawei Mate SE.
  • Flexible dual sim cum microsd options in the Huawei Mate SE. YOu can use 2 nano sims in the provided slot or 1 nano sim + microsd card up to 256GB storage.
  • And you are a selfie geek yet been let down with all those sub-standard lens quality. Use this Huawei mate SE with 8MP front mounted selfie camera along with all those latest sticker applicable not only to click you beautiful but also to highlight the beautiful you through path breaking technology and subtle tailoring of the lens.
  • The phone is sold unlock which means no more mutual harassment of subscriptions and an endless problem with portability. But the phone supports only GSM connections and can be used internationally with a valid service provider.
  • Amazon offer price for Huawei mate SE is $219.99

BLU VIVO 8- 5.5’’ Full HD, 4G LTE smartphone, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM- BLACK

True meaning as the company sounds, BLU: BOLD LIKE US and here they offer you BLU VIVO 8 for all who wish to leave a bold statement in life.

  • Crafted with precise engineering, the VIVO 8 provides 87% metal-to-body ratio and equally reliable without compromise to design. Color matched glass provided to form a rather aesthetically superior model.
  • Gorgeous 5.5’’ Full HD in-body display along with the elegant 1080*1920 resolution and 401 ppi providing high contrast and vivid display makes the viewing experience worth the DREAM WORLD!
  • VIVO 8 provides unparalleled performance with MediaTek Helio 10 chipset and 2.0 GHz processor and a powerful 4GB RAM to take care of your daily dramas.
  • 64GB inbuilt memory and optional microsd worth 64GB can offer plenty for all who know how to use it. Endless clicking of selfies and recording of HD videos and still much left to be filled. Ultra quick 9V/2A charger and a whooping 4010 mAh battery is enough to take care of all you need to by ease and grace.
Amazon offers BLU VIVO 8 at an offer price of $179.99
  • PHOTOGRAPHY IS TRUTH and VIVO 8 provides the state of art 13MP rear camera with Sony IMX258 sensor along with a 16MP front mounted selfie camera. When it matters the most to click, you will never be less than satisfied.
  • LTE connected for the latest in cellular along with the BLACK colour only makes it more feasible. HOLD IT! FEEL IT! USE IT!
  • Amazon offers BLU VIVO 8 at an offer price of $179.99 and the best part this is AMAZON’S CHOICE!

Technology has always been our faithful friend and the latest cellular devices have helped us only to strive for perfection. Mobile phones are like that messenger which brings good news and glory to all yet can be the cause of the catastrophe that you invited all along. But a wise person knows the difference between use and misuse, and let us strive to be wise for the best of best happens through it.

Buy these latest phones from Amazon at discounts and make your life special for that is all you are working to be.

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Multi-camera Phones by Samsung May Spoil Diwali of Chinese Players

It is a good move from Samsung to tap into the camera territory

Samsung multi-camera phones set to spoil Chinese players' Diwali. Flickr

In February, DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT and Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics, changed his strategy for the Indian market once he saw Chinese players getting the upper hand on innovations in some smartphone components — and camera was one of those.

Geared up to alter the course of the mid-price segment market in India — a space that is currently flooded with Chinese variants — Koh on Thursday announced the Samsung “Galaxy A7” with three-rear camera system.

What is more, the next Samsung smartphone, the “Galaxy A9”, will bear a monster four-rear camera system.

The Galaxy A7 will be strategically priced below the Rs 30,000 price segment for India — a space currently dominated by the likes of Xiaomi.

The triple camera system in “Galaxy A7” has a 24MP AF lens, an 8MP “Ultra Wide” lens (F2.4) and a 5MP “Depth” lens. With the 24MP lens and Depth Lens, the Galaxy A7’s “Live Focus” feature lets users control the depth of field by allowing them to adjust the “bokeh” effect for better photos.

Koh started working on the new game plan for India earlier in 2018.

“This is a good move by Samsung. Being a vertically-integrated company, it will look forward to leverage its strength in semi-conductor segment by bringing in new features to its consumer products, including smartphones,” Tarun Pathak, Associate Director at Counterpoint Research, told IANS.

“As Chinese players continue to be aggressive, Samsung needs to reduce the time within which it packs features in smartphones and bring those to the end users,” he suggested.

Koh started working on the new game plan for India earlier in 2018.

“Since February this year, I have changed my strategy for the Indian market as the competition got tough and terrain harsh. We dominated in some areas while struggle in some during the course.

“You will see devices coming from us in the mid-segment space with flagship features and functionalities that will delight our customers in India,” he said on the sidelines of Samsung’s premium Note 9 smartphone launch in Gurugram in August.

According to Jaipal Singh, Associate Research Manager, Client Devices, IDC India, entering the smartphone camera war is a strategic move on Samsung’s part.

DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT and Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics. (IANS)

“This is important especially when camera is deciding a level-playing field for most of the players. Camera is now the focus for building Artificial Intelligence (AI) use cases and players are doing a lot around camera, like Huawei that brought P20 Pro with triple rear camera system this year and received rave reviews,” Singh told IANS.

On October 11, Samsung will launch their first four-rear camera system device A9 in the premium segment (above Rs 30,000).

Samsung dominated the premium smartphone segment in India in the first half of 2018 with almost half the market share, said a CyberMedia Research (CMR) report last week.

Samsung (48 per cent) was followed by Chinese smartphone player OnePlus, which grabbed the second spot with 25 per cent share, and Apple with 22 per cent share. One in two premium smartphones shipped in the first half of 2018 was a Samsung device.

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Koh has now doubled down on his efforts to dominate the smartphone camera war in India.

“Samsung has been doing well in the premium segment with respect to bringing innovative features in India. With a new triple camera smartphone, it has signalled that these features can be brought faster into the mid-price segment than the competitors,” Pathak noted.

“It is a good move from Samsung to tap into the camera territory,” added Singh. (IANS)