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Trinidad’s media mogul Mohan Jaikaran’s WIN communication in trouble

Daughter of WIN TV founder Mohan Jaikara, Shantel Jaikaran (right) addresses the WIN TV audience. Photo: Trinidad Express

Trinidad: Less than a year after the death of media mogul Mohan Jaikaran, the company that he built is on the verge of shutting down.

Jaikaran’s daughter, Shantel, and her mother, Indra, made the announcement on its television station WINTV.

However, they gave no details regarding problems at the media company.

The mother and daughter held hands as they appealed to the public to support them as they fight to save the company, WIN Communication Limited.

Jaikaran, 64, died on April 12 in his home at Westmoorings after a long illness.

He was the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WIN Communication Limited, and was a former deputy chairman of Caribbean Airlines.

WIN Communication Limited launched on May 1, 2007, and offered programming mainly centerd around East Indian culture.

In the statement which aired on Wednesday night, Shantel Jaikaran gave no reason for the company’s trouble, but said that there was a possibility of losing their licence from the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago, and that there were people who did not want the company to survive.

Shantel Jaikaran said: “WIN is on the brink of losing everything that has been built on the dreams and aspirations of my late father Mohan Jaikaran, who was the one of the major icons of the promotion of East Indian culture for Trinidad and Tobago. We as a family since his passing have been haunted, hounded and harassed by certain people who for some reason don’t want this station to survive.”.

Shantel Jaikaran also appealed to their audience to join them in the bid to save the company.

“To the hundreds and thousands of listeners and loyal supporters of WIN TV and WIN radio 101.1 we ask you, to join us, in a pledge of support and for due consideration by the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago, to maintain this important voice of East Indian cultural expression.”, she said.

Support for the media company has already come from chutney and soca artistes Ravi B, Soca Elvis, Crazy posted on social media.

(The story originally appeared in Trinidad Express)

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Worshipping many Gods in Hinduism is a Sin in Christianity: says a newspaper ad in a Trinidad Newspaper

Do you pray to your trinity, Mahatma or Mohammed in a form or a formless way ? What's your battle-side ?

Idol worship in Hinduism
Idol worship. Image source: WIkimedia common

Trinidad and Tobago: September,08,2016: The Internet is divided into two sects: one the worshipers of Ganesha with pictures of idols swamping their timelines, other the anti-idol worshipers, who condemn bowing down in front of Plaster of Paris (POP). However, it’s not always black and white, there are people standing at the grey lines and they are the one’s who respect the strong emotion behind worshiping an image of God.

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Opinions and pieces of advice come free of cost and are thrown at wholesale prices. Hence, arrives one from Noah Days Ministry (email: ENoah999 (at) gmail.com).  Their recent piece on idol worship included about 8 psalms from the bible and lines that read out “Hindu religion incorporates different forms of idol worships which contravene the first commandment of God and are highly unacceptable to Almighty God”.

Being subtle is certainly not Noah Days Ministry’s strong suit!

Idol worship advertisement from the Noah Days Ministry in Trinidad
Idol worship advertisement from the Noah Days Ministry in Trinidad

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Let’s take an example to understand perceptions here. Sitting in a yoga class, your instructor tells you to shut your eyes and hum ‘Ommm’ while visualizing the Om chakra, which is thought to be an energy point. The instructor tells you that it’ll help you focus instead of letting your thoughts drift away elsewhere. No, Noah Days Ministry is going to raise a hand and question that ideology, simply because it works! But isn’t that the point of worshiping an idol- believing in a physical representation to help focus on an aspect of prayer or meditation.

A Hindu shrine in the yard of a building at Rochard Road, Penal, Trinidad. Penal is a town in South Trinidad with a population of approx 13000. NewsGram thanks Dr. Kumar Mahabir for providing the picture.
A Hindu shrine in the yard of a building at Rochard Road, Penal, Trinidad. Penal is a town in South Trinidad with a population of approx 13000. NewsGram thanks Dr. Kumar Mahabir for providing the picture.

Dr. Kumar Mahabir shared his views with NewsGram regarding the advertisement published in The Trinidad and Tobago Guardian. He said that he waits on other Hindu individuals like him, writers and leaders (including the Hindu Women’s Organization) to respond to this Christian’s attack. He will particularly wait for a list of people who are often quick on the draw to attack Sat Maharaj. Although, please wait before you commend the brother to the black side of the debate. His rage over the published piece is not completely irrational. After all, the summary of these 10 passages is notorious- ‘According to the many bible verses cited, all idol worshipers including the Hindus and Jews are guilty of breaking the rules set by the Almighty, the only God to be bowed down to’. Having said that, Noah Days Ministry doesn’t fail to mention how the Roman Catholic organization and many Christians too stand guilty in their eyes for propagating ‘idolatry’. Conclusion? The rage over religion biasing stands invalid.

Fellow brethren! stand at any side of the fence- vehemently oppose statues in a temple or submit your Monday mornings to Hanuman veneration. Pick any side, choose any image but believe in patronage offered to your mind through prayers and meditation.

– by Karishma Vanjani of NewsGram. Twitter: @BladesnBoots