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Obsessions and compulsions are symptoms of OCD, which are characterized by extreme, persistent, and involuntary thoughts, desires, and mental images. Pixabay


Many of us have our own unique habits and practices that we follow on a regular basis, such as bringing a lucky marble or avoiding sidewalk cracks. However, for individuals with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), these seemingly harmless behaviors take on a new meaning, causing anxiety and interfering with everyday activities. OCD, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, is a serious and sometimes disabling neuropsychiatric disorder that affects about 3% of the population.

Because of the nature of its symptoms, OCD is often stereotyped in the media, and people sometimes refer to their excessively meticulous behavior as OCD. Being too particular about how you do stuff and desiring a spotless environment does not imply that you have the disorder. Obsessions and compulsions are symptoms of OCD, which are characterized by extreme, persistent, and involuntary thoughts, desires, and mental images. Obsessions are unsettling and pervasive thoughts that interfere with daily life, while compulsions are ritualistic behaviors or mental actions that are replicated in an effort to alleviate the fear or tension that obsessions often cause.

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Obsessions are sometimes followed by compulsions, but not always. The relief experienced from compulsion is temporary and short-lived and tests the return of obsessions persist. Once OCD has developed, it is typically strengthened by a positive reinforcement loop in which compulsive behavior relieves the tension and distress that obsessions are known to cause while still reinforcing the compulsive behavior.

Individuals must be very inspired to improve because it is difficult to work and causes a great deal of anxiety. Pixabay

A person with OCD, for example, maybe nervous about a specific illness and obsess about getting sick. They should feel compelled to wash their hands often or avoid touching certain things in order to relieve stress. In the short term, these tasks will help them feel better. If they experience the same level of stress again, they are more likely to replicate the acts that helped them relax.

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OCD sufferers can choose between two forms of treatment. The first is medications, such as selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), and the second is therapy. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the most common types of treatment for OCD. CBT is a form of short-term goal-oriented psychotherapy that teaches people how their emotions and behaviors interact, as well as builds personal coping strategies that can be used to alter negative thought patterns. CBT is an ability or collection of tools that you can learn and use whenever you need them. Medication can be used as part of this treatment to aid in the practice.

However, CBT is not for everyone. Individuals must be very inspired to improve because it is difficult to work and causes a great deal of anxiety. You must feel more agitated before you begin to feel less nervous in this therapy. Knowing that your own brain is deceiving you and unable to fight its commands may be excruciating, but experience and understanding give you the ability to seek treatment, and potential studies into the human brain can be able to offer alternatives to such disorders.


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