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US returns a stolen 14th century Manuscript to Italy, where it will be put in a Museum

The Cleveland leaf was an illuminated parchment antiphonary, a typical hymn which was created in 1340

United States December 10, 2016: The United States returned a stolen 14th-century illustration of a Roman Catholic saint to Italy on Friday, where it will be put in a museum, U.S. Customs officials said.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency mentioned in a statement that the image, an ink, tempera and gold image of a haloed Saint Lucy, had spent decades at the Cleveland Museum of Art, which bought it in good faith in 1952. It said the artefact was turned over in a ceremony at the Italian Embassy, mentioned PTI.

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A two-year investigation determined that the item- a leaf of the book, had been stolen and the museum turned it over to U.S. officials last month after another stolen leaf from the same book turned up in the Swiss market. That leaf has also been returned to Italy.

Accordng to PTI, the Cleveland leaf was an illuminated parchment antiphonary, a typical hymn which was created in 1340 and measured about 17.4 inches (44.3 cm) by 13.9 inches (35.2 cm). Known as Codex D, the manuscript is in a museum in Castelfiorentino, near Florence.

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Any information regarding the method or the time of stealing of the item has not been mentioned by the custom agency.

Along with the manuscript, US officials also returned back a 19th-century painting by artist Consalvo Carelli that had been stolen from a home in Naples in 2001.

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