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Picking tools are necessary for a locksmith to perform their job properly. Pixabay

Whether you’re an experienced locksmith with years of knowledge, or a young professional looking to set up your first shop, it’s important to know of all the tools you might need to do your job properly.

Picking tools

Picking tools are necessary for a locksmith to perform their job properly. They allow locked doors to be opened whilst using non-destructive techniques that could damage the property. Simple picks can open basic locks relatively easily, but more sophisticated picking tools will be needed for the bigger, more elaborate types of locks.

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Angle grinders

In addition to typical locksmith tools such as picks, you might find yourself needing a more powerful tool for the tougher jobs. Angle grinders will allow you to grind off any metal locks that simply won’t open with the picking tools, but they might cause damage to the door so it’s important you know how to use an angle grinder safely first.


Drills are a locksmith’s best friend as they can be used to screw and unscrew old and new locks from doors. When the situation is complicated, drilling and destroying the lock might be the only option.

Drills are a locksmith’s best friend. Pixabay

With a drill designed specifically for locksmithing, you’ll be able to get your lock on and off with ease and remove the barrel in seconds with some practice.

Cordless tools

Remember to use cordless tools where possible as you might be required to work from the outside, meaning that there are usually no plugs to power your tools with. Always keep your tools charged up in your van or remember to bring them inside and charge them at the end of each day as you wouldn’t want to turn up to a job and run out of battery.

Impact wrenches

A cordless impact wrench will make the tightening and loosening of nuts and bolts a doddle. You’ll want one of these when replacing a lock barrel or door chain. These tools come in different shapes and sizes so it’s important you do your research first and find out the most common size of the lock so that you can use this tool as frequently as possible.

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A toolbox

It might seem obvious but having a toolbox to hand will help you keep all your tools and equipment in the right place.

Remember to keep your toolbox organized and regularly restocked with locks, keys, and accessories so that you can be ready and on-call for your next job. A toolbox with additional compartments for organisation would be best.

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