What makes Balochistan an easy Target for Pakistan?

Balochistan, a state province of Pakistan, is under the threat of becoming an easy catch for the country’s army

Balochistan Map. Wikimedia

November 1, 2016: Balochistan, a state province of Pakistan, is under the threat of becoming an easy catch for the country’s army. The province, witnessing repeated attacks against the security forces and the Shia Muslim minorities, faced numerous attacks right from 2014, has reported a constant increase this year.

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Quetta, as its capital, Balochistan is one of the largest provinces in the country, serving as the only major port at Gwadar, a Pakistani city bordering with Afghanistan. With its geographical position of being at a remote distance from the heart of the country, a boon to its current scenario, the state faces the hazard of becoming the safest hide for the terrorists. This has become a good excuse for the Pak army groups to reason their target of seizure over the state.

However, the abundance of natural resources yield a good revenue for the Federal Government, the city lacks a proper law and order and has a poor governance. The economy also reports terrible depths poverty compared to all other provinces in the country. Adding to the increasing insecurity of the state, reports prove the calamity of people agitated to rise over the government being suppressed. Grief adds to the still-continuing Tribal Council System, say locals residing the Panchayat.

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Sharing its border with Iran and Afghanistan, so that the rivals, after being expelled from the states of Afghanistan, find their way straight into the safe heaven in Pakistan- Balochistan! Sneaking, hiding, smuggling, and repeated attacks of the unruly groups have become a normal scenario.Hence, this turns to be an easy catch, with no security and full wealthy for Pakistan. Naturally, the province has become a stigma of attraction to mafia to set up their terror hub. Also with the forging political parties giving in to the rivals, make it much easier for their target to be an affordable one!

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Records from the attacked province state a poor security at the border crossing between Pakistan and Afghanistan. What much favors such attacks is a Low-Density population in the province and no direct central governance. This makes the state, a perfect hunt for the army groups. Although being the largest province, the inhabited status seems not larger than eight million. Hence, it becomes a major reason for Balochistan, becoming an easy target. Also, the riots to take Balochistan for themselves are being fought by the Baloch Liberation Army.

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This Liberation Army, who gathers forces of human power, the major indulgence of the Shias, is the largest active forum acting for the people against the Governmental reinforcements. They highly demand self-state governance, completely from Pakistan’s interference. Also, they demand their Province gain its status as it was once before the partition.

– by Shinega Kalai of NewsGram. Twitter: @acloudonthesky


  1. We keep emphasizing on how the escape of rivals into Balochistan makes them more dangerous to global security as it becomes more difficult to find them but the crimes they commit and the innocent lives they ruin in Balochistan is also of great concern.


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