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World Nature Conservation Day: Here’s How You Can Contribute

July 28 is marked globally as World Nature Conservation Day

By Muskan Bhatnagar

July 28 is marked globally as World Nature Conservation Day, which reminds us of the importance of nature in our day to day lives. On the occasion of this day, we are provided with an opportunity to spread awareness regarding the conservation of nature and to build a sustainable future.

Planet Earth, our home, has a limited amount of resources that need to be utilized healthily and sustainably. A healthy environment is very important to ensure a stable society and the well-being of present and future generations.

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Every year on World Nature Conservation Day, a theme is decided and people come up with ideas and activities as a contribution to the celebration. Although, no theme was finalized this year due to the ongoing pandemic.

Lets look at some reasons which are destroying our nature and its beauty, and how we can overcome them by doing our bit.

World Nature Conservation Day: Here's How You Can Contribute
Pollution depletes natural resources and also kills the animal population. Pixabay

Causes For Destruction of Nature

  • POLLUTIONPollution depletes natural resources and also kills the animal population or wildlife. Trash, carbon emissions, oil spills and, pesticides are significant sources of pollution.
  • CLIMATE CHANGEGlobal warming leads to an increase in temperatures, sea levels, and ocean acidity that disrupt and destroy the ecosystem’s natural balance.
  • RESOURCE EXPLOITATIONOur nature contains several resources that are extracted for human use, by the process of mining, logging, and oil drilling. This leads to the destruction and exploitation of nature.
  • LAND CLEARING With the increasing population, the need to develop more land increases too. Many trees are chopped and ecosystems are destroyed in the process of housing and road development.

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These are some basic causes of degradation of the environment. Now let’s look at how we can help mother Earth by doing our bit.

World Nature Conservation Day: Here's How You Can Contribute
Avoid wastage of resources like water. Pixabay

Few Steps You Can Follow To Help in Conservation of Nature

  • AVOID WASTAGETry not to waste food, water, and other resources that you’re privileged to have.
  • SAVE ENERGYSwitch off lights, fans, and other electrical points when not in use.
  • SAVE WATER– Turn off the tap while brushing and when not in use.
  • AVOID PLASTIC USAGE Discourage the use of plastic for various purposes.
  • ENCOURAGE CARPOOLS Once the pandemic is over, make carpooling a habit!



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