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Yet another enigma:Mummified bodies found in Hindu temple

Mummified bodies extracted in a temple in Berlin


Surprisingly or more of shockingly a mummified body was found in a Hindu temple in the district of Neukölln, Berlin by the local firemen and police.

It is pertinent to be noted that a building work was being done on the Sri Ganesha Temple which is basically a stone tower structure in the Hasenheide park in the district when the corpses were discovered on a fine monday afternoon and the police were called on site.

It is to be noted here that in hindu religion it is a tradition to cremate the bodies by burning them and not burying them.The police is still trying to find out whose bodies could these be and if they have any connection with the temple.

It is also being  found out what purpose was being served by that land before the temple was built on it.

The whereabouts of the owner of the land are being looked into for.

The police is primarily treating it as a suicide case but the other options at the table are also being looked at closely.


To quote Bild and as confirmed by  a policeman on Tuesday that  it was a man’s body.


However the police is still trying to find out why the corpses were buried there, and according to them “there are no clues as to whether this was a capital office or suicide.”


All the police could say was that the body had clearly been there “for a long time.”


There are no whereabouts of whose body it was and none to claim it, but the corpse was sent to the criminal investigations department for analysis. No identification could be found on it but the autopsy should reveal more about the cause of death.But the claimants wilL stilL be a hard task to find out!!
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Indian Embassy organises second Diaspora event in Berlin

The agenda of this event was to deliberate upon various common issues of the states of India and Germany by the Indian associations and arriving at the mechanism for the scope of progress

Indian flag. (Representational Image) Wikimedia Commons

Berlin, Feb 28, 2017:  Indian Embassy in Berlin organised second diaspora event in the weekend, which marked the presence of prominent figures of Indian diaspora as well as several Indian associations. Representatives of 16 student associations also participated.

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The agenda of this event was to deliberate upon various common issues of the states of India and Germany by the Indian associations and arriving at the mechanism for the scope of progress.

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Embassy’s senior officers and consul generals of Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt along with the ambassador Gurjit Singh also participated in this event.

Indian Embassy’s various initiatives were accentuated in the conference that also incorporated many programmes of MEA, particularly by Overseas India Division.

In order to leverage the talents of Indian professionals and involve them in promotional start ups, Indian embassy has come up with initiatives like IPF (Indian Professional Forum) and Make In IndiaMittelstand (MIIM) and ISG (Indian Students German) portal. The objective of Make In India Mittelstand (MIIM) programme is to bring German companies to invest in India. ISG portal’s aim is to promulgate awareness.

In every two months the e-book chronicling the Embassy’s initiatives and activities will be uploaded on the website of the embassy. The book is chronicled by the Indian ambassador for strengthening the relationship between India and Germany.

Dr. Joachim Oestarheld, a prominent Researcher and Humboldt scholar held a guest lecture in the conference on the contributions of Indians in Germany.

Dr. V. S. Saravanan, University of Bonn spoke about his proposed research study on Indian Diaspora in Germany

Indian National Day Celebration Committee, a prominent association in articulated about various events undertaken by them in cooperation with the Embassy. The gathering at the conference also witnessed two Indian classical dance programmes exhibited by Ms. Elina Mullick (Kathak) and Ms. Janani Suresh (Bharatanatyam).

– prepared by Sabhyata Badhwar of NewsGram. Twitter: @SabbyDarkhorse

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