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10 Tips to Spend Quality Time with Your Family

“The best thing you can give to your family is YOUR TIME”.

Family walk with dog. Pixabay

To earn bread for our family and give a better living to our children, we often forget that the best thing we can offer them is our time. We try to buy all the luxuries for our loved ones and even purchasing the best health insurance plan to make them feel secure. We do this all to ensure that our family has the assured financial security, especially when we are not around. However, what if we are with them? Are we able to spend quality time with our family members? Probably not, and this is the story of most Indian working couples.

By explaining all this, we do not mean that you should stop earning or leave your job to spend time with your family. Instead, we want to say that take some time out of your busy schedule and spend few hours every day with your loved ones.

If you are unable to find out a way to spend some-time with your family and loved ones, we are here to solve your problem. Today, we are discussing top 10 ways to spend more time with your loved ones:

Term insurance, time
Your family members will be covered financially, in the case of your absence. Pixabay


  • Have at least one meal together: Be it breakfast or dinner, try to have at least one meal of the day with your entire family. Generally, due to our busy routine in the mornings and different timings of schools and offices, becomes difficult to have breakfast together. However, having dinner together is not tough; so make sure to have your dinner with your family.
  • Drop your child/children to school or extra classes: If possible, drop your children at their school on your own. This will give you all a travel time together, and you can discuss various school-related issues they may have without any other interventions. If it is not possible to drop them to school, try to drop or pick them up from their extra classes. In this way, you can convert your travel time into ‘together time’ even on weekdays, without bothering anyone.
  • Go for weekly family outings: Whether it is a latest movie or zoo, take some time out of your busy schedule for a family outing. Moreover, take the opinion of your children and spouse to plan something for the weekend.
  • After dinner walks: This tip is especially for married couples who live with joint family or have kids. Generally, such couples miss ‘together time’; therefore, for them, it is suggested to have an after-dinner walk. In this walk, you can discuss your day or anything that you want to share with your partner.
Term insurance, time
A family that eats together, stays together and healthy! Pixabay
  • Share your experiences and family stories with your kids at their bedtime: Try to spend some quality moments with your family at bedtime. Read some storybooks of your child’s interest or tell some family stories or your experiences to your children while they are in their bed.
  • Celebrate family traditions: India is a country of culture and traditions, and if you start celebrating these traditions, there is no need for any other family get-togethers. It is a good method to spend quality time with your family as well as make your children understand your family traditions.
  • Turn your mobile off when you are at home with your family: One more problem that every family faces these days is interference of smartphones. Even though all the family members come home on time, they all keep themselves busy on their mobile phones. Have you ever noticed that despite sitting together for long hours in the same room, we all do not talk to each other and remain busy on our phones? Leave this habit; rather switch your phone off when at home to spend more time with your family than on social media.
  • Keep in touch with your extended family members and relatives: Despite the fact that we all have a long list of tasks for our weekends, we should meet our relatives. We all must try to visit our extended family members or call them to our place at least once in a month. This is because family ties are precious and will our children adjust with people rather living alone in a nuclear family.
Be it breakfast or dinner, try to have at least one meal of the day with your entire family. Wikimedia Commons
  • Spare some time to do nothing: This is to assure your family members that they are your priority. By doing this, you make sure to your family that you do not have any other plan than spending some time together to do nothing. Simply talk to each other about past week or plans or discuss some good experiences or bad moments. This will give you an insight of which your family member is suffering these days. Moreover, if you have teenagers at home, you can connect with them as well.

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  • Cook the favorite recipe for your family together: Cooking together can be a lot of fun for both young and old people in the family. Get advice from the eldest member of your family for the better recipe, whereas involve the youngest in other easiest task of cooking. In this way, everyone will be involved in this family cooking event, and all will love the outcome. Do not forget to click pictures of these moments of togetherness and make videos of sweet activities of your small kids.


By following all the above-mentioned recommendations or even a few of them will improve your bond with your family. Moreover, it will give you several chances to spend some time with your loved ones. 

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Taking Excess Selfies Can Kill Relationships: Study

Selfie-Obsession ruining relationship

It's not just about immoderate self-photography, selfies as a mainstay of posting in social media platforms such as Instagram, facebook or twitter which speculates that if one partner frequently posts attractive pictures, the other partner may feel jealous or threatened. Pixabay

Posing can be really harmful as a multifarious stream of self-obsessed selfie images could single your narcissistic streak. Vaibhav Datar Midlife Coach and author of ‘Simplify your Life’ shares some thoughts on this.

Excessive selfie-clicks’ can reflect the tendency of less intimacy which is a sign of reverberating a bad impression towards your partner and setting a negative tone to your relationship.

It’s not just about immoderate self-photography, selfies as a mainstay of posting in social media platforms such as Instagram, facebook or twitter which speculates that if one partner frequently posts attractive pictures, the other partner may feel jealous or threatened.

A study from Florida university academics Jessica Ridgway and Russell Clayton researched and shockingly found that people who are obsessed with their body image post more selfies to Instagram i.e. they confidently show off.

But in turn, those couples reportedly have the potent of ending up in poorer relationships due to constant conflicts about the attention others pay to the photos online. Jealous arguments take place and it deteriorates the quality of relationships. Copious amounts of selfie-clicking and posting is an obsessive compulsive desire that can be polarizing things between you and your partner. And that’s not quite right! The effect can create a magnetic withdrawal from the feeling of committed ecstasy, disconnectedness physically and emotionally and also can fume a loss of attraction due to non sense rigidity.

Posing can be really harmful as a multifarious stream of self-obsessed selfie images could single your narcissistic streak. Pixabay

This also explodes excessive ghosting and constantly monitoring of the partner’s social media feeds, which leads to relationship obsessive-compulsive disorder (RCOD) that instantly makes one’s doubts and fears blur reality. Thus, causing them to become obsessive about whether they’re happy with their partner. While the study didn’t measure this sort of behaviour but other research revealed how social media surveillance of a romantic partner is linked with obsession, jealousy, insecurity and dissatisfaction in a relationship.

More attention to the photo received from followers, more it creates an endless cycle of doubting which can lead to conflicts, cheating or even break-up. Also it highly reflects narcissism which is characterised by grandiose – selfish, self-regarded, a need for attention and admiration, vanity, exploitative attitude towards your partner or others.

High Sign of Narcissist

Narcissists’ consciousness with their body image and their obsessiveness towards getting attention and admiration is the reason why they post more selfies and are addicted to social media.

Narcissists for their appearances may often be judged positively by their partner at the beginning of the relationship but in the middle or at the end things may get irritating because a narcissist may always view their relationship as an opportunity to flaunt and ego validation and make the other person feel alienated. Over time, however, relationships are adversely affected due to self-centeredness.

How to over your Selfie-obsession and enhance your relationship?

With the prevalence of smartphones having high quality selfie cameras, clicking and posting of selfie has reached an to an epidemic level, this phenomena has not even exempted the funerals of any family member or leaders due to obsessiveness and it is a physiological fall out.

Stop Objectifying yourself

If you expose yourself to the environment to seek validation or other people’s approval, or you want to make yourself feel like you belong somewhere, you are in big trouble! By this objectifying behaviour, you are essentially exposing yourself that you are someone who cannot be trusted and that other peoples opinion on you matters the most. So you are not the likes or comments you get on instagram, you are beyond that which requires self-acceptance in its own beautiful way and let not others to determine your value through your post and comments.

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Get rid of fear of Shame or Embarrassment

Living with self-obsession and self-consciousness means living in a world where every circumstance becomes a potential threat to the survival and we experience “fear” of rejection, shame or embarrassment if we tend to miss out something. The solution is to deal with such a situation with sub-consciousness where we must engage ourselves in low-risk physical social situations with our partner and others and experience the positive interactions. It’s easier to become less self-conscious, the more you hide it, the more you would be able to combat the feeling of fear and awkwardness. (IANS)