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Transform your career by three easy steps. Pixabay

By Basit

Along with ‘unprecedented’ and ‘lockdown’, ‘new normal’ is a phrase that’s permeated the collective consciousness over the past year.

And the latest to join the pandemic lexicon is ‘Great Resignation’ – the theory that many of us still lucky enough to have gainful employment are looking at life and work through a different lens, dissatisfied with our lot and are ready to quit in favor of something more fulfilling.

If you’ve been feeling that way but don’t want to dramatically hand in your resignation letter and waltz out of the office (knocking over a few plant pots on the way), we’ve collated three flexible ways to transform your career – enjoy!

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  • Online Networking

The long-term future of in-person networking still looks uncertain and it isn’t always suited to some personality types – which is a shame because the fact that you don’t enjoy these events doesn’t mean you’re not skilled and capable.

However, online networking on LinkedIn can help you build a network of recruiters, collaborators, and friends. Plus, if your posts get good traction, you might even end up earning a lucrative income as a LinkedIn coach like Stephen Finn.

The long-term future of in-person networking still looks uncertain. Pixabay

With online networking, being an introvert is no barrier to building a successful business – which is good news for a more varied and inclusive workforce.

  • Side hustling

If you’ve already got a second income stream, then you know all about having a side hustle – it’s paid work which you perform outwith your salaried job in order to earn extra cash.

A side hustle could be anything from working as a digital copywriter to being a fitness instructor or business consultant. Apart from the extra earning potential, it’s useful if circumstances mean you need to pivot so that your part-time gig becomes your main game.

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, read this Medium guide to side hustling to get started and have a think about which skills and personality traits you can monetize.

  • Studying online

Study online. Pixabay

Another excellent way to migrate career is by studying for a formal qualification in your spare time.

Online degrees are now available from many reputable universities and they’re as specialized and valuable as their brick and mortar equivalents.

They’re also available at every academic level in niche subjects – for instance, you could study for an online Data Science MSc with ARU Distance Learning or something entirely different like a football coaching qualification.

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By studying online when it fits around your work and commitments, no dramatic resignation letter is necessary, and you’ve got a graduation goal that makes your boring job seem bearable for a while longer.

We hope that some (or all) of these three flexible ways to transform your career are helpful – adopt those which are most suitable for your situation and all the best in creating the life you deserve!

(Disclaimer: The article is sponsored and hence promotes some commercial links.)



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