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Real estate is an incredibly profitable investment. Pixabay

By Sana Faisal

Real estate is an incredibly profitable investment. Understanding the difference between residential, commercial, and raw land real estate is essential to selecting the perfect investment option for you.

Learn about the opportunities and advantages of 3 major real estate investment types you can’t overlook in 2021.

Residential Real Estate

Residential properties are common real estate investments. Residential real estate refers to a property zoned for living, generally single-family homes. Residential real estate investors earn money by collecting rent or regular payments from tenants. Types of residential real estate include duplexes, condos, apartment buildings, and vacation homes.

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Start investing in residential real estate by researching the market to discover a viable property. Whether you’re renting a spare room or remodeling an entire house, find the right type of property for your specific area. After locating a property, determine your funding options by researching loans for down payments.

Residential real estate investors earn a substantial and steady profit depending on properties and locations, earning a yearly salary anywhere between $70,000 and $124,000.

Residential real estate investors earn a substantial and steady profit depending on properties and locations. Pixabay

Advantages vs. Disadvantages

Numerous advantages and disadvantages exist for residential real estate investors.

Residential real estate is an advantageous and simple method for new investors to get started. Everyone needs a place to live and attractive financing options and tax incentives are available everywhere. Additionally, residential real estate offers regular payments from tenants to decrease your mortgage and earn money consistently.

Unfortunately, a primary disadvantage of residential real estate is landlord responsibilities, including finding tenants, enforcing property rules, and performing necessary maintenance. If becoming a landlord doesn’t interest you, recruiting a property manager is a potential option for limiting your daily duties.

Overall, residential real estate is a reliable option for new investors to receive long-term financial benefits.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial properties are profitable real estate investments. Commercial real estate refers to space rented or leased by a business. Commercial real estate investors earn money by businesses paying rent to use the property, frequently under multi-year contracts. Numerous types of commercial real estate properties are available including:

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment
  • Special purpose

Begin investing in commercial real estate by finding a beneficial location and property and understanding important calculations, specifically loans and potential earnings.

Commercial real estate provides unique opportunities, including parking investments. Pixabay

Commercial real estate provides unique opportunities, including parking investments. Owning a parking business, such as an outdoor lot or multi-level garage, is an excellent investment for earning a regular profit. Learn about the costs involved and the benefits of getting your parking garage managed professionally to understand why parking structures are financially beneficial and relatively easy investments.

Commercial real estate is a profitable investment with significant earning potential.

Advantages vs. Disadvantages

Commercial real estate provides numerous advantages and disadvantages for investors.

Purchasing commercial real estate is advantageous due to higher earning potential, longer leases, and lower vacancy rates. Commercial investments are lucrative opportunities to gain a substantial long-term profit.

A major disadvantage of commercial real estate is the extensive amount of work and money required to start. However, commercial real estate does offer the opportunity for real estate investment trusts (REITs). REITs allow individuals to invest in large-scale, income-producing real estate without having to physically go out and buy commercial real estate. Purchase a share of real estate using REITs to earn profits and avoid hands-on labor.

Dedicate time and money towards commercial real estate to receive amazing financial rewards.

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Raw Land Real Estate

Raw land properties are advantageous for real estate investments. Raw land real estate refers to investing in any vacant land available for purchase. Similarly, new construction real estate involves investing in new properties built on the land. Raw land real estate allows investors to participate in commercial or residential developments.

Participating in raw land real estate requires substantial market research, real estate knowledge, and capital to perform, especially if you intend to develop the property yourself.

Raw land real estate investors earn significant profits if handled correctly.

Advantages vs. Disadvantages

Prominent advantages and disadvantages are involved in raw land real estate.

Raw land investments provide attractive profits for investors through a variety of opportunities. Whether you’re interested in developing a property from start to finish or running a long-term buy and hold, the earning potential is incredibly beneficial.

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Mainly, the disadvantages of raw land real estate include proper knowledge and funding. If you’re new and inexperienced in real estate, investing in raw land or new construction is probably not for you. However, if you possess the necessary experience and funds, investing in raw land is an amazing option.

Understand the benefits of raw land real estate for investors who can diligently dedicate money and expertise.

Residential, commercial, and raw land real estate offer numerous advantages and opportunities for potential investors. Learn about the 3 primary types of real estate investments you can’t afford to overlook in 2021.

(Disclaimer: The article is sponsored, and hence promotes some commercial links.)


Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

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