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5 Best Used Car For The Money

Buying a used car can save a terrific amount of money. If you are a beginner learning to drive a car, used cars are the best option

Your buddy wants to buy a used car for $8,000; what would you recommend? Well, it depends on the kind of car he wants. If he wants a super dependable car, there are a couple of options like Lexus, Camry, and Honda Civic. These cars can run forever if you take proper care of them. Also, for the standard car preference, you can suggest your friend look after Toyota Corolla, Citroen C5, Peugeot 508, so on and so forth. It all comes down to preference when one looks to buy a used car.

Buying a used car can be uncertain; there are lots of compromises you would need to make. Overall, interior and exterior checks are not well enough to determine if a car is value for money. An experienced car buyer would look for ways to get the car’s history report and thoroughly analyze the vehicle. Revs Checks helps you determine the overall history report that includes stolen checks, financial status checks, and written-off details. With a proper Revs Check, you won’t fall under a trickster and fraud next time you shop for a used car.

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Below are the best-used cars to spend your money on frugally.

1. Hyundai Sonata

Sonata is Hyundai’s mid-sized vehicle. The 2016 redesign of the Sonata takes the Sonata up to another level against its competitors.   The car has got adaptive cruise control and forward-collision warning, becoming one of the many active features available. Hyundai is known for giving more or less, and the interior space in Sonata is just comfortable. 

The extensive panorama roof makes it feel more open. The driving experience of Sonata is undoubtedly good enough for consumers. Steering is not the strongest suit of Sonata, but it has been changing ever since their 2016 model. The 2359 displacement engine in Hyundai Sonata can produce 198.25BHP@6300RPM and torque of 250Nm@4250RPM. 

Car Hyundai Sonata. Wikimedia Commons

2. Kia Rio

Kia was thinking of simplicity when they were designing Kia Rio. Kia Rio’s interior is clean and neat as it seems to resemble a European aesthetic, and it actually works. Buying a second-hand Kia Rio will give you mileage anywhere to 15 to 20 kilometers per liter which is not bad considering it an old four-speed transmission. It has got a floating touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It has doubled the features with the reverse rear camera and parking sensors.

The heart of a Rio is a 1.4 Liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine. It can produce a decent horsepower of 99HP@6000RPM and maximum torque of 133Nm@4000RPM.

3. Toyota Corolla

The all-new 2020 Toyota Corolla is more sporty and youthful than ever before. Toyota Corolla is immensely popular and the best-selling car in Australia. Thanks to its lower price and great features. You can get Corolla in both modes, manual transmission, and automatic transmission.

The Corolla has got a four-cylinder engine with decent smoothness, refinement, and pull. It’s a lot better than its competitors in chassis; it’s a lot stiffer, making it fun to ride a vehicle. The 18-inch tires in Corolla make it suitable to drive in any road condition. The 1794 CC engine of Corolla can produce a maximum power of 125BHP@6000RPM and maximum torque of 157.88NM@4200RPM.

Car Toyota Corolla. Wikimedia Commons

4. Ford Focus

It’s incredible to think the Ford Focus first launched 20 years ago and still is the king in the compact car segment. The new edge design of the Ford Focus makes its competitors look outdated. The car has to be the best family hatchback to drive. The interior of Focus has got a nice touch of plastics and lovely bits of premium-looking trim. Moreover, it has air conditioning, Radio, Bluetooth, compact infotainment screen, autonomous emergency braking, and lane-keeping assistance.

The Ford Focus has a bread-and-butter 1.0 Liter engine that can produce power of 123HP@6000RPM and torque of 123lb-ft@3500RPM. The engine is surprisingly quiet and refined. The new Ford Focus gives a choice of 6-speed manual or brand new 8-speed automatic gearbox option.

5. Honda Civic

If you are looking to buy a modest small used car, Honda Civic is the name. Compared to its counterparts, Honda Civic has been the better driving, better looking, and overall a premium feeling vehicle. It’s a hatchback touring best suited for a family person. 

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Honda has a crown to design the incredible engine in its segment. The 2020 Honda Civics 1597 displacement engine can produce a maximum power of 118BHP@4000RPM and maximum torque of 174NM@4300RPM.

Buying a used car can save a terrific amount of money. If you are a beginner learning to drive a car, used cars are the best option. Buying a used car can be alarming; you have to check the overall specs, features, price tag at the dealership before you hop into the deal. The cars as mentioned above are the best known to be the value for Money used car in recent markets.

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