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Ecology And Feminism: Ecofeminism

Ecofeminism views humans and nature as part of an integrated living network, rather than superior to each other

Feminism is a progressive movement dedicated to achieving social, political, and economic freedom for all sexes. It’s about shifting people’s perceptions of men’s and women’s (primarily women’s) rights and advocating for true equality for all. Ecofeminism, also known as ecological feminism, is a subset of feminism that studies female’s relationships with nature. Set up during the 1970s by French women’s activist, Francois d’Eaubonne, ecofeminism focuses on the connection between women and nature.

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Nature has been feminized because it is thought to hold all of the same characteristics as women. It however has played a part in women’s stereotypical roles in society. The position of women in the past was merely that of a caring mother, similar to how nature looks after all living beings. Here is an explanation of how nature is feminized. “Mother Nature” and “Mother Earth” are terms we use to connect to nature. And then there is the notion that women are compassionate and tender.

During the scientific revolution, nature was increasingly seen as a woman who could be controlled and studied by experiments. Pixabay

Nature was gradually regarded as a woman to be manipulated and analyzed by experimentation during the scientific revolution. This aided in the manipulation of nature and encouraged the perception of the female as a controllable entity. This sparked the emergence of ecological feminism, as feminists began to see ties between women’s exploitation and the natural world.

The exploitation of nature and women, according to ecofeminists, is related due to patriarchy’s propensity to control and oppress both of them. As a result, eco-feminism is based on the belief that women and nature were historically oppressed in order for social growth to proceed. This makes women analogous to nature, particularly from the perspective of persecuted.

Ecofeminism views humans and nature as part of an integrated living network, rather than superior to each other. According to ecofeminists, environmental, women, and racial oppression are intertwined. They promote justice, dignity, honesty, and a caring ethic in all aspects of lives. People of all sex, races, colors, groups, ages, beliefs, and all living organisms are welcome to engage in ecofeminism.

Nature is feminized since, at the period when most romantic literature was written, it’s seen as having similar virtues as women. Pixabay

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But it is inadequate to concentrate only on environmental issues. The patriarchal system that has affected both humans and other-than-humans must be dismantled. Many profound social, cultural, and health challenges have arisen from the domination of some communities over others, particularly problems of brutality, harassment, and devastation, as well as environmental destruction.

We should advocate for dignity for all humans, animals, and the world. We must therefore refrain from using patriarchal and sexist naturist terminology to disparage any human being or natural existence.

By- Khushi Bisht



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