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European Casinos Set Sites on Indian Market

With so many new online casinos springing up on the market, it makes complete sense now how the next target would be the Indian Market, as it is so new and has exciting unknown grounds to cover in terms of potential

Europe for such a long time has reigned over the iGaming and gambling industry. This past decade has seen the European casino market expand massively across the globe. Many of these gambling operators from Europe have set their eyes for expansion, as of course the more ground that is covered, the more hopeful conversions from traffic are to be made. With so many new online casinos springing up on the market, it makes complete sense now how the next target would be the Indian Market, as it is so new and has exciting unknown grounds to cover in terms of potential. 

When it comes to European gambling companies, they will without a doubt see that India has great potential business-wise, as India is known to love their gambling ties within their culture. Add a few new concepts here and there from Europe and guaranteed India will welcome it with open arms, due to their existing enthusiasm for gambling. Currently, India has over interest and focus, and it helps to know that India does in fact have record numbers when it comes to the internet user population. That number currently stands at 500 million, however, it is most likely it could be more, due to the fact that it is just an estimate. 

Europe remains to hold headlines for its rapid expansion, that there is no doubt. Yet now, all eyes are on the Indian revolution within iGaming enterprises. Many wonder what growth and development will be sought here and will it in fact emerge far more rapidly than its European predecessors. 

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Currently, in terms of the gambling options that are to offer to the Indian gambling populations, there are actually only small casino enterprises being open for entertainment. The aim now is to very much change that availability and only expand, in terms of the potential there. Yet what this means, for the time being, is that casinos currently stand at offering a few games here and there; and yet despite all of this, India still holds strong when it comes to its active users that gamble. In 2019, reports have been told that there are over 365 million of the 500 million internet users within India, who participate in gambling. Despite there being very little choice, that number is staggeringly high for a region that has little to offer in the present now. So, we can imagine how vastly more attractive players can find gambling if they have much more to expand their entertainment base on, right?

 We can expect that, through more active internet users, it will be inevitable to see more converted gambling traffic. Currently, the laws within India are that users of the region may actively participate in gambling, just as long as the source is not originated within Indian soil. This is what sparked a fire within the European gambling sector, as it has been realised that many can still operate outside local Indian soil, just as long as it is targeted towards Indian gamblers through innovative digital marketing techniques of course. 

 India has really shone a light on so much potential profit that was first very much neglected, and yet now somehow this concept has seen the light and has been very much confirmed and seized. The internet structure within India is rapidly expanding too, meaning it has become far easier to get Indian gamblers the access to gambling that is so much sought, as of course, the internet resources need to meet a certain level before they are adequate enough to support gambling software. 

 The Indian gaming market has already attracted over 350 million dollars of investment from potential investors that see the gold at the end of the tunnel, of course to them is just a matter of time. Yet a sentiment to those thoughts now, are very much evident through the worth of the Indian market now as it stands. Currently, it is worth just under 1 billion dollars, meaning that the smart few who invested at first, now are very much reaping the fruits which have been sown. And yet, despite this huge figure, is it yet to continue growing. In fact, add one more year on to the present now and it is believed that the revenue will increase by 41% within the next year, and by the end of this year, it should be valued at 1.1 billion dollars at least. It should also be pushing towards 700 million users too, within a year, give or take a few being that it is an estimate again.

This past decade has seen the European casino market expand massively across the globe. Pixabay

 CNN believes that the future of the Internet is India, due to Silicon Valley’s rush to expand investment and modernization within India. We have seen innovations of Wi-Fi access within public transport areas within India, in addition to a reliance on the internet now for teaching. So, who says that iGaming has not found its next permanent destination and example of fixed growth? All the statistics and movement would most definitely suggest otherwise, wouldn’t you agree?

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 2021 is the believed year where everything will accelerate if you will. It is believed that soon more than 55% of the Indian population will have the internet, and being as it is one of the most populated countries in the world, that certainly will contribute to gambling and its revenue within the southeast region of Asia. Not only that, many casinos are now accepting local currency which has made it far more convenient to players who wish to participate but cannot exchange currency effectively. Once you provide the solution to a problem, that is when business flourishes. For that reason, there is no doubt that India is going to be the biggest gambling market. Not one.

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